Cat-astrophe at cat cafe: Woman claws for 25,000 baht after bite

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A female customer is suing a Japanese cat cafe for 25,000 baht after being bitten by a cat, claiming negligence from the establishment despite the immediate care provided by staff.

The cafe has since provided a detailed timeline and response to the incident, which has sparked widespread debate on social media.

The incident occurred on February 11, when the customer visited the Mohu Mohu Cafe in Bang Rak, Bangkok. Upon arrival, she was informed of the cafe’s terms of service, including the possibility of being scratched or bitten by the cats. The customer proceeded to the third floor, where the cats are housed, and began playing with a cat named Rena.

Rena climbed onto the customer’s skirt and playfully bit her. Following this, the customer went to the first floor to inform the staff of her injury. The staff immediately provided first aid, applying an antiseptic and a plaster to the wound. They also assured her that all the cats were vaccinated against rabies and other diseases.

After receiving first aid, the customer borrowed an apron from the cafe and returned to play with the cats for another 50 minutes. Upon finishing her visit, she went to the first floor to pay and mentioned the bite to the owner, who asked if she had been bitten.

The customer explained that Rena might have mistaken her skirt for tissue paper, leading to the bite. She then paid for her visit and left the cafe.

Vaccinated cats

Later that day, at 5pm, the customer called the cafe to inquire about the cats’ vaccination status and requested certification. The owner confirmed that the cats were vaccinated and had certificates. The following day, February 12, at 7.16pm, the customer sent a message via Instagram, demanding a response within one day.

The owner missed the message due to not having notifications enabled on the app, leading to accusations of negligence and irresponsibility. On February 28, the owner was informed of the customer’s intention to press charges.

However, the cafe’s owner clarified that the customer had only sent a message on Instagram and called once on February 11.

The police requested the owner visit the station on February 18 but the owner was unable to leave the cafe due to a busy day. The owner offered to meet the police at the cafe, located 240 metres from the station, but this request was denied. The owner then asked for the customer’s phone number to arrange a call, which was also refused.

After the call with the police, the owner checked Instagram and responded to the customer’s message but the customer replied, saying, ‘No need to apologise, it’s too late.’

On May 11, the cafe owner received a court summons related to the incident and began gathering evidence to present in court.

Pre-existing condition

The Mohu Mohu Cafe Facebook page later posted an update summarising the customer’s lawsuit. The customer, a 26 year old woman, claimed she had a pre-existing condition that prevented her from feeling immediate pain, and the cafe owner did not express concern or apologise. She sought medical treatment and vaccination following the bite.

The customer supposedly attempted to negotiate with the cafe through Instagram, Facebook, and phone calls but received no response. She reported the incident to the police, accusing the cafe of ignoring her.

The customer is seeking 25,000 baht in damages for medical expenses, travel costs, and lost time, along with 5% annual interest. She wants the court to hold the cafe accountable for violating her rights and failing to negotiate despite clear attempts at communication which were thwarted by authorities.

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