Stepfather arrested after six years of child abuse in Bangkok

A twelve-year-old girl‘s brave revelation led to the arrest of her stepfather, Amnuay Dongtan, 60, accused of sexually abusing her for six years. Despite the girl’s pleas, her biological mother chose not to believe her and even tried to derail the police investigation.

This underage victim suffered continuous abuse, which began when she was only six years old. This true horror story unfolded in Thailand’s Tak province, where Dongtan and the girl’s mother lived together. The torture continued, haunting her life even after the family relocated to Bangkok. It was only in May 2024 when her health dramatically deteriorated due to dengue fever, she mustered the courage to expose her ordeal to a doctor.

After confirming the abuse through her team, the doctor informed the Metropolitan Investigation Unit. Police Major General Thiti Saengsawang and other key officials immediately launched an operation that led to Dongtan’s arrest in the Bang Khae district, Bangkok, despite the mother’s efforts to mislead the officers.

Meanwhile, the child was moved to a safe house in Bangkok to ensure her protection. When news emerged about the girl’s plight, her older brother also filed a police complaint at Lak Song Police Station, fortifying the foundation for legal action against Dongtan.

During interrogation, the victim’s mother defended herself, stating, “My daughter doesn’t make sense.” Meanwhile, Dongtan denied any wrongdoing, asserting that the girl, whom he claimed was autistic, had concocted the entire story.

Discarding these defence tactics, Major General Teeradej Thamsuthi, stated, “The child’s words are purer, and there is no reason for a 12-year-old to falsely accuse a family member without cause.” The judiciary found the evidence sufficient to issue an arrest warrant.


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