State Railway of Thailand’s renovation project for accessibility

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In a significant move towards inclusivity, the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has embarked on a renovation project for 10 of its passenger carriages.

The initiative is aimed at making the carriages more accessible for individuals with disabilities, according to Aekkarat Sriarayanpong, head of the SRT governor’s office.

The carriages undergoing renovation are second-class vehicles put into service in 2012. The SRT plans to have the first two refurbished carriages ready by the end of the month. Subsequently, the remaining carriages are slated to be completed in stages, with three in April, another two in May, and the final two in October.

The primary objective of the renovation is to improve safety measures and convenience for passengers with disabilities. The modifications include the installation of a closed-system toilet, a platform ladder, and an escalator. These enhancements are designed to provide a user-friendly experience for the disabled.

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In addition to this undertaking, the SRT already has 115 CNR Special Express Train carriages in operation that are equipped to accommodate passengers with disabilities. These carriages serve various destinations across the northern, northeastern, and southern train routes, reported Bangkok Post.

Following the completion of the current renovation, the SRT has plans to refurbish 16 additional second-class carriages in the subsequent year, as disclosed by SRT governor Nirut Maneepan. This ongoing commitment to inclusivity by the SRT is a commendable stride towards making public transport more accessible for all.

In related news, the SRT advanced with plans to construct three double-track railroad routes spanning a total of 634 kilometres. The project, which will require a combined investment of 113.14 billion baht, has been approved by the SRT board and is due to be submitted to the Transport Ministry last month.

In other news, the SRT rolled out a game-changing 90-day advance booking service for CNR express trains on key routes, for the upcoming Songkran festivities.

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