PM Srettha’s international trips sparks questions

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Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has been travelling the world at an unprecedented pace, with trips clocking up significant air miles.

Since assuming office in September last year, PM Srettha has been on more overseas trips than the average travel blogger.

In a whirlwind 176 days in office, the Bangkok-born PM has been constantly hopping between continents. His itinerary reads like a bucket list, with visits to 16 countries. That’s nearly 30% of his time spent outside Thailand.

Critics are lining up to question the wisdom of the Thai PM’s jet-setting lifestyle. While his Instagram may be filled with snaps of fancy dinners and handshakes with world leaders from his diplomatic trips around the globe, many are wondering: where’s the beef?

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Somchai Sawangkarn spoke out against the 62 year old Thai PM’s high-flying antics.

“The prime minister has travelled from here to there but with no substantial or any outcome evident. Please tell me the results of his trips.”

Concerned citizens are taking to the streets, or rather, to social media, demanding transparency and accountability for all those frequent flyer miles.

Here’s a breakdown of Srettha’s adventures:


  • September 18 to 24: San Francisco, the United States
  • September 28: Cambodia
  • October 8 to 9: Hong Kong
  • October 10: Brunei
  • October 11: Malaysia
  • October 12: Singapore
  • October 16 to19: China
  • October 19 to 21: Saudi Arabia
  • October 29 to 30: Laos
  • November 12 to 19: San Francisco
  • December 14 to 19: Japan


  • January 15 to 19: Switzerland
  • February 3 to 4: Sri Lanka
  • March 4 to 6: Australia
  • March 7 to14: Germany, France, Australia

With his passport collecting more stamps than a well-travelled postcard, it’s clear that the Prime Minister of Thailand isn’t one to shy away from an overseas adventure, reported Thai PBS World.

But as the taxpayers foot the bill for these trips, perhaps it’s time for a little less wanderlust and a little more bang for the baht.

In related news, PM Srettha made waves in Paris as he orchestrated a series of high-stakes meetings with France’s business elite. From fashion to automotive technology, the 62 year old Thai PM’s mission was clear: to solidify Thailand’s status as a regional powerhouse for trade and innovation.

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