South Thailand: Intharam Temple gives away over 1,000 gift items for National Children’s Day

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Inthraram Temple in the Mueang Mai Subdistrict of Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram province, is going all out for National Children’s Day, giving away gold rings, laptops, and smartphones.

Over 1,000 gift items are up for grabs, including one bag of rice for each person.

Phra Metheewatcharaprachathorn, better known as Assistant Professor Dr Luang Phor Daeng Nanthiyo, Advisor to the Abbot of Region 15, Abbot of Intharam Temple, donated bicycles and 50 kilogrammes of rice to various schools in the province. These are going to be used for activities to be held on National Children’s Day, which takes place tomorrow, January 13. Teachers from 42 different schools will be receiving this donation.

In addition, Intharam Temple is also preparing to provide 12 gold rings, 40 bicycles, five smartphones, 32-inch LED televisions, laptops, and refrigerators, along with more than 1,000 various toys to give away as Children’s Day gifts. The temple will also be granting 20 scholarships to children who study and behave well.

Dr Luang said that he had been a poor child who didn’t have toys to play with and often didn’t even have enough to eat.

“Intharam Temple has always helped children and the youth, such as continuously providing financial support for education. And on the occasion of National Children’s Day this year, the temple will be arranging activities for the occasion for the 42 schools that requested it.”

The day’s itinerary will begin with merit-making at 10.30am, lunch at noon, and ending with playing games to win prizes from 2pm. The prize draw will start from there.

“Recognising the pivotal role of children as invaluable human assets crucial for the country’s progress and stability aligns seamlessly with the Sangha’s public welfare initiatives. The temple and monks emerge as driving forces, collaboratively steering efforts towards community development, prosperity, and integration for the greater good.”

Furthermore, the transmission of religious legacy occurs through Buddhism, involving the congregation of children at temples to cultivate their minds and foster an understanding of Buddhism. This serves as a platform for children to express themselves creatively, reported KhaoSod.

Performances by the children will be showcased, complemented by generous provisions of food and beverages from benevolent adults, offered freely for the young attendees.

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