Thai-llywood lights, camera, baht! 2023 sees record of 6.6 billion baht roll in from film shoots in Thailand

A record-breaking 6.6 billion baht was generated by over 466 film shoots in Thailand in 2023, marking an impressive 40% increase in revenue from the previous year. This remarkable upturn was largely credited to the production of high-budget films, including a blockbuster with a budget of 3 billion baht.

Jaturon Phakdeewanit, the head of the Tourism Department, noted the significant role of large-scale productions in driving up spending within the country’s local supply chain. Consequently, the department plans to continue its strategy of attracting major productions to the country.

The department anticipates revenue from film locations to increase by at least 5% this year, amounting to 6.9 billion baht. According to Jaturon, this target is quite attainable considering the growing interest from filmmakers in the UK, Hong Kong, China, and Europe. In addition, the department plans to promote more film roadshows in these markets.

Despite increased competition from other Southeast Asian countries for foreign film crews, Thailand remains a favoured destination. The country offers a variety of unique filming locations, from vibrant cities to serene temples and picturesque beaches. Moreover, it has professional crews, production teams, and competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for filmmakers.

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Several companies are currently exploring opportunities to invest in or construct new film studios in Thailand to meet growing demand. Presently, the country has one world-class studio capable of hosting billion-baht shoots, complete with state-of-the-art equipment and substantial shooting areas. The remaining four-five studios in the country offer smaller shooting spaces.

Further bolstering Thailand’s appeal, the department also offers a 15% cash rebate incentive for film shoots that spend more than 50 million baht within the country. Meeting specific criteria can increase this rebate to 20%.

This includes 5% for films with a budget exceeding 150 million baht, 3% for employing Thai nationals in key roles, and 2% for films that undergo post-production in Thailand. An additional 5% rebate is also available for films that promote tourism and showcase the country’s soft power.

US productions contributed the highest revenue in 2023, generating 3.1 billion baht. This was followed by Hong Kong and China, which brought in 707 million baht and 471 million baht respectively.

In total, film crews from 40 different countries chose Thailand as their filming location. The most popular locations within the country were Bangkok, Chon Buri, and Samut Prakarn, hosting 282, 77, and 60 productions respectively, reported Bangkok Post.

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