Pouring woes: Heavy rainfall unleashes havoc, claiming one life with landslides and flash floods in northern Thailand

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Continuous heavy rainfall has triggered devastating landslides and flash floods, resulting in one death in the Sop Moei district, located in the province of Mae Hong Son, northern Thailand. According to the district chief, Pongphipat Mebenjamat, today’s report confirms that 12 residential structures have suffered severe damage, and tragically, one resident has lost their life.

The heart of Sop Moei, specifically Mae Sam Lab, has experienced significant impacts, with Mae Tor La village bearing the brunt of nature’s fury. The relentless downpour resulted in one fatality, multiple injuries, and the destruction of 12 houses. Due to the landslides and flash floods rendering all routes inaccessible, hundreds of villagers are now being evacuated to safer areas for their protection.

The district chief, Pongphipat, revealed how various government agencies have quickly taken action to provide urgent assistance. The situation is so dire that the Mae Sariang-Mae Sam Lab Highway and local roads from Mae Sam Lab to Mae Tor La are completely blocked.

Pongphipat, along with rescue staff from the Mae Sam Lab Subdistrict Administrative Organisation (SAO), braved the harsh conditions to assist in the flash flooded affected areas. They started their rescue mission at noon and were only able to report back to their office at midnight. Complications in communication emerged as the area is suffering a power outage for the past four days and all phone signals are disconnected, reported KhaoSod.

Meanwhile, Akkrapan Poolsiri, district chief of Sop Moei, issued orders for the district’s secretary, along with local authorities from the SAO in Sop Moei, to clear the road area near the Mae Suad Mai checkpoint. This area was covered by soil and rocks that had flown down, blocking the traffic route. Officials from the 7th company, Provincial Administration Department were able to open one lane and are in the process of clearing the other one.

The entirety of Sop Moei is affected by the flash floods brought about by the heavy rainfall at several locations. This prompted Akkrapan Poolsiri to deploy forces from the 7th company, Provincial Administration Department in Sop Moei to help distressed civilians 24/7 during this period of heavy rain. He has also issued a warning to motorists to be cautious as large rocks may hit vehicles passing through the area.

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