MFP calls out Pheu Thai Party’s lies on lese majeste law revision

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The Move Forward (MFP) yesterday accused the Pheu Thai Party of lying. The MFP insist the Pheu Thai Party never requested them to withdraw their plan to revise the lese majeste law.

The Pheu Thai Party yesterday announced an official split from the MFP and six other aligned parties, which had earlier agreed to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding the formation of a new government.

The Pheu Thai Party made known they had parted ways with the MFP because they would not abandon their election policy of revising Section 112 of the Criminal Law, also known as the lese majeste law.

The Pheu Thai Party expressed their determination to gather more votes for their prime ministerial candidate, Srettha Thavisin, for the upcoming meeting in Parliament scheduled for tomorrow. They expressed confidence that they could successfully form a government after separating from the MFP.

To provide more clarity on the matter, the Permanent Secretary of the MFP, Chaitawat Tulathon, held a press conference at 4pm yesterday.

Chaithawat apologised to the people who voted and put their hope in them after failing to successfully form a government according to the General Election result. The Pheu Thai Party would now proceed without their involvement.

Chaitawat further clarified that the Pheu Thai Party had not engaged in discussions with the MFP regarding the withdrawal of the lese majeste revision. Instead, the MFP was informed that most political parties were not keen on having them as a part of the government coalition, regardless of whether they pursued their revision plan or not.

Furthermore, the Pheu Thai Party did not urge MFP MPs to vote for their PM candidate tomorrow.

Some of the Pheu Thai Party’s leaders even suggested that the MFP not vote for them. They expressed their concerns that the Senate would not trust the Pheu Thai Party if the MFP voted for their PM candidate.

Former MFP member Amarat Chokepamitkul expressed her thoughts on her social media. She reckons the Pheu Thai Party are pandering to the wishes of the Senate instead of the will of the people.

Netizens agreed with Amarat’s opinion that the Pheu Thai Party is prioritising the interests of senators over those of the people, who are supposed to hold the most influential voice in a democratic system.

At the end of the press conference, Chaithawat promised the people that the party would work hard regardless of their position in the Parliament. He said…

“The MFP would like to tell you all that we will try our best no matter what will happen in Parliament. The people trust us. We will try to make your quality of living better, make the Thai economy meet the world’s standards, give a chance for people to grow, and create real democracy in Thai politics. The voices of people must be the most powerful and meaningful one day.”

Chaithawat had not yet confirmed whether the MFP would vote for the PM candidate from the Pheu Thai Party. He stated that the party’s official decision will be made today, July 3.

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