Soldier punished for political post in Whatsapp group

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The 4th Army Area Command has imposed penalties, including 30 days of imprisonment and suspension of annual salary increments, on a soldier who posted politically biased messages on a Line group, contravening an order by the Army Commander to maintain political neutrality.

The army spokesperson, Second Lieutenant Paramote Promin, announced disciplinary measures against a soldier for inappropriate political conduct and revealed that a number of media outlets had reported the news of the improper behaviour of some personnel within the 4th Army Area Command related to the upcoming election for members of the House of Representatives on May 14.

The incident was traced back to a serviceman assigned to the 401st Engineering Battalion, who posted a message in a Line group for fellow soldiers affiliated with the 401st Commando Company. In the message, the sender attempted to persuade group members to cast their votes for a particular political party. Such an act violated the orders of the Royal Thai Army Commander, who had established policies and guidelines for the conduct of military personnel under his command. He had instructed all personnel to comply with election laws, particularly the provisions guaranteeing the right to vote and ensuring personal freedom in casting ballots for suitable candidates while maintaining political neutrality.

The 4th Army Area Command had swiftly formed an investigative committee to deal with the situation. The perpetrator initially admitted to committing the act based on personal preferences and intentions to influence the vote of soldiers in their unit. This conduct was deemed a severe breach of military discipline.

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As a result, the 4th Army Area Command imposed disciplinary action in the form of imprisonment for 30 days, suspension of annual pay increments, and relocation from their current position. Moreover, if any other military personnel are found to be involved in the incident, they will face the highest level of disciplinary action as well, reports Sanook.

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