Soldier of deceit: Thai woman’s shocking revelation exposes husband’s camouflage of lies

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A Thai woman from Buriram province in the northeastern part of Thailand revealed to the media that her husband deceived her into thinking he was a soldier. She also discovered that three other women fell victim to the fake soldier.

The 35 year old victim, A, told ThaiRath that she met her husband, 37 year old Amnart, in 2018 on a chat application called Bee Talk. In his profile, Amnart claimed to be a first-class sergeant major in the military.

According to A, she talked to him for three months before Amnart visited her house. They signed a marriage certificate the following day. Shortly afterwards, Amnart informed A that he had to go to the Deep South provinces to work for five to six months, possibly even a year.

A said she had never been curious about her husband until they had a child together. She began to wonder why she and her child were unable to access the benefits normally entitled to soldiers and their families. When her child fell ill, she found herself relying on ordinary government welfare to cover the medical expenses.

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A decided to confront Amnart directly about his alleged military background but he became angry and refused to answer her. Amnart attempted to assure his wife by recording a video of himself discussing soldier-related matters and sharing it with A. However, A was not convinced and was determined to uncover his lies.

A disclosed that she found three other women had been deceived by him. One of them was tricked for over ten years while another one lost money to Amnart. The three women lived in Maha Sarakham province, Buriram, and Bangkok. All of them agreed to go to Buriram to file a police complaint.

ThaiRath interviewed Amnart about the issue. He insisted that it was a misunderstanding. Amnart admitted that he is not a soldier. He reckoned his wife misunderstood after seeing a picture of him when he was a Thai Reserve Officer Training Corps Student in high school.

Amnart emphasised that he looked after his wife and child despite not being a soldier. He also admitted that he took money from a woman living in Bangkok, but he just borrowed it and promised to gradually pay it back.

Amnart’s mother, 60 year old Lampuan, told the media that she loved her daughter-in-law as her own daughter but added that she was disappointed A destroyed her son’s reputation. Lampuan claimed that A also did a bad thing when Amnart was away, but she chose not to reveal it.

Amnart’s real line of work was not revealed in the report.

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