Snake catching fiasco: Man’s hilarious mistake with palm frond goes viral

Photo: Sanook.

A man’s humorous display of catching a snake barehanded left viewers laughing out loud. The clip, which ends up as a comedy sketch, caused viewers to gasp and burst into raucous laughter.

The video, shared on social media, shows a young man walking in a resort’s walkway when he stumbles upon a cobra rearing its head menacingly. However, he remains unfazed, even preparing to catch the snake with his bare hands.

The young man demonstrates superior agility, both defensively and offensively, until he successfully grabs the cobra’s neck. But wait! When the camera zooms in, viewers are stunned to discover that there was never a cobra at all. The object of this intense battle is merely a fallen palm frond (palm tree foliage or leaves) on the ground.

As soon as the barehand snake-catching clip appeared on social media, it received considerable attention from the online community. Netizens couldn’t help but laugh at this comedic and intriguing situation, while also praising the young man’s deep performance who appears jovial and (seemingly) brave, reported Sanook.

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Netizens were quick to cast opinions.

“His performance was excellent. The person filming the video is even more brilliant, making me believe it was a real cobra. I was shocked.”

“I initially guessed it could be a fake snake, but it’s beyond imagination because it’s just a dry tree.”

“When I was watching, I unconsciously held my breath to help the young man in the clip. But in the end…”

“Very deep performance. Everyone thought it was a real snake. This man is very creative,” praised another viewer.

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