Size matters: Hospital’s warns of penis enlargement dangers after man’s member gets infected

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Nakhonping Hospital, situated in the northern province of Chiang Mai, recently issued a warning to men seeking penis enlargement treatments following a distressing incident involving a Burmese man who resorted to using a steel ring in hopes of increasing his size.

In a Facebook post shared by the hospital today, it was revealed that a 29 year old Burmese man had placed a steel ring around the base of his penis for a week, believing it would result in enlargement. Unfortunately, this ill-advised action led to undesirable consequences. The man’s private organ became discoloured and swollen, and the area around the ring developed into an infected wound, filled with pus.

Unable to remove the ring due to the swelling, the man sought immediate medical attention at Nakhonping Hospital. Fortunately, a skilled urological surgeon named Praphon Piamanan successfully removed the ring by carefully cutting it. The patient is currently under hospital care and is expected to remain there for several days to allow the wound to heal properly.

Praphon expressed grave concern about the prevalent myths surrounding penis enlargement methods. He emphasized that wearing a ring or employing various tools and medicines for this purpose can have severe consequences, such as permanent loss of sexual function, tissue death (necrosis), or infection due to inadequate blood circulation. In extreme cases, amputation may become necessary.

Highlighting the accessibility of these dubious enlargement methods through offline and online channels, Praphon stressed the risks involved. He pointed out cases where individuals have resorted to injecting oils or inserting beads under the skin of their genitals, resulting in infections, tissue decay, and even life-threatening septicemia.

In a separate incident reported last year, a 51 year old Thai man named Tham sought medical assistance after his friend injected him with an unspecified medicine, claiming it would enhance his size. The friend claimed to have learned this technique during his time in prison, having performed it on numerous acquaintances before. Intrigued by the prospect, Tham agreed to receive two injections.

Tham later disclosed that the friend had purchased a cream-based medicine from a local pharmacy. The cream was boiled to convert it into liquid form before being injected into Tham’s genitalia. Within days, he experienced severe swelling and excruciating pain. Desperate for a solution and lacking the necessary funds (50,000 baht) for proper treatment, Tham cautioned others against attempting any form of self-injection without appropriate medical advice.

It is crucial for individuals to seek professional guidance and refrain from engaging in risky practices driven by misinformation or desperation. The hospital urges everyone to prioritize their health and consult qualified medical experts rather than resorting to unverified methods with potentially irreversible consequences.

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