2 foreign men caught performing oral sex at Bangkok Songkran

Photo via Twitter/ @toeyokohama17

Two foreign men face up to 10 years in prison after engaging in oral sex in public during the Songkran festival in the Ratchada neighbourhood in Bangkok.

A video showing one man performing oral sex on another under a yellow tent circulated on Twitter and Facebook. The two men were reported to be South Korean participants at the Songkran event in Ratchada.

Channel 3 reported that the incident occurred on Ratchada Soi 4, where an entertainment venue was hosting a Songkran event. Although the yellow tent belonged to officers from Huay Kwang Police Station, none were present when the explicit act took place.

Kapook added that the tent was situated near the event’s entrance, well-lit, and noticeable, but the two men disregarded any potential audience.

Huay Kwang Police Station Superintendent Prasopchok Iampinit confirmed that the police were aware of the incident. Security camera footage showed a security guard intervening in the foreigners’ activities.

Prasopchok noted that the police had not launched a further investigation as the entertainment venue, which owned the space, had not complained. Additionally, the precise time and date of the incident remained unconfirmed.

As news of the incident spread across social media platforms, Prasopchok assured the public that the police would summon the two foreign men to face legal consequences. They could potentially be charged under Section 278 of the Criminal Law for engaging in public indecency, carrying penalties of imprisonment for up to 10 years and fines of up to 200,000 baht.

Public sexual activities are not isolated solely to the Songkran festival but have been previously reported at various tourist spots in Thailand. Most recently, a couple, believed to be foreigners, came under scrutiny for engaging in sexual activity in the sea at Patong Beach in Phuket.

Another couple indulged in a public sexual act on Patong Beach in March while another incident occurred outside a shopping mall in Pattaya. There are no reports on the legal consequences faced by these foreigners for their explicit behaviour.

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