Search intensifies for 67 year old woman lost in Lamphun forest

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A massive search involving hundreds of officials is currently underway for a 67 year old woman who went missing while collecting mushrooms in the forest with a friend. Despite cries for assistance, there has been no response.

As of 7pm yesterday, the woman’s fate remains unknown, leaving local authorities with the task of locating her in the dense forest behind the Lamphang Provincial Government Centre, located within the Khelang Nakhon National Park area.

The police from Khelang Nakhon Police Station in Lamphang province were alerted to the incident involving the 67 year old woman, a resident of the Nong Plong community in the Phra Bat district of Lamphang. Upon receiving the report, they coordinated with Duangporn Kiatdamrong, the head of Khelang Nakhon National Park.

They mobilised park officials, municipal officials from Pichai City, the Lamphang Rescue Association, and nearly 100 locals. Despite their efforts and an extensive four-hour search, they have yet to locate the woman, reported KhaoSod.

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According to the woman’s companion, they had parked their motorcycle near the Banphot Sathit Temple in Pichai district before venturing into the forest behind the temple to collect mushrooms.

After a while, they became thirsty and decided to return to their vehicle for water. However, when they returned to the spot where they had been gathering mushrooms, the woman was nowhere to be found.

There were no responses to their calls, and they couldn’t contact her as she had not brought her mobile phone. Officials continue their relentless search.

The search continues for the 67 year old woman; however, as night falls, the challenges are increasing. Despite this, officials and locals are persistent in their efforts, hoping to return the woman safely to her home. Their determination is a testament to the community spirit that thrives in the face of adversity.

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