Road rage ruckus: Foreign man’s Kung fu chaos takes a painful turn in Chon Buri (video)

Photo via Amarin TV.

A foreign man lost control of his senses and went on a rampage after crashing his car on Phraya Satcha Road in Chon Buri province. He attempted to kung fu one motorcycle rider, after crashing his SUV into four vehicles, and ended up being trapped inside his overturned car, suffering severe injuries.

A Thai motorist took a video of the incident this morning, September 8, and shared it online. In the video, the shirtless, bare-footed foreigner is seen crashing his white Subaru SUV into a roadside store and causing chaos on the road. The unnamed man of unknown nationality is believed to be about 40 years old.

The situation escalated when the foreign man got out of his car and approached other motorists asking them to stop. He attempted to kick a motorcycle rider in the head who refused to stop. Fortunately, the victim managed to avoid the attack.

The foreign man then got in his car and drove it toward the traffic flow, leading to collisions with three other cars and one additional motorcycle, ultimately resulting in his own vehicle overturning.

The foreign driver suffered severe injuries and was trapped within the wreckage, while five other victims, including a four year old boy, sustained injuries in the ensuing chaos.

Witnesses reported the incident to the rescuers who arrived on the scene. The rescue team had to use a metal-cutting tool to cut parts of the car and free the foreign man before delivering him to the Chon Buri Hospital.

One of the victims, a motorcycle rider, told Channel 7 that the foreign driver initially collided with a car, which subsequently struck his motorcycle.

Another victim, identified as Piyachat, reported that he witnessed the foreigner crashing into a pickup truck. After the initial collision, the foreign driver fled the scene, prompting the pickup truck driver to pursue him in a high-speed chase.

This pursuit culminated in further collisions involving another pickup and a sedan, resulting in the foreigner’s vehicle careening out of control and colliding with Piyachat’s car.

The incident was later reported to the Mueang Chon Buri Police Station officers. The authorities indicated that they were awaiting the results of a blood test to determine whether the foreign driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the incident.

Officers disclosed that the foreign man initially faced a charge of driving recklessly causing damages to others’ assets.

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