Retired teacher’s remains found a year later in Nonthaburi home

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A shocking discovery was made in a suburb of Nonthaburi when the skeletal remains of a retired teacher were found in her home, which had seemingly been untouched for a year. The late Panthip, a 76 year old former teacher of a prestigious girls’ school, had retired and was living a reclusive life until this grim finding.

Her 71 year old younger brother, Kanok, was taken aback by the news, having last seen her in January 2023. The situation was further complicated upon learning that her husband had passed away back in 2010, a fact that had not been communicated to the family.

Yesterday, March 12, at 4pm, officer from Rattanathibet Police Station were alerted to a potential death inside a residence in Sammakorn Soi 50, Tambon Tha Sai, in the city of Nonthaburi. Accompanied by officials from the Poh Teck Tueng Foundation, they conducted an investigation.

The scene was a modest single-story house surrounded by tall trees and two dusty, unused cars belonging to the deceased. Inside the house, amidst a clutter of books and clothing, lay the skeletal remains of Panthip, with some bones turned to dust, and the air conditioner still running. A preliminary medical examination suggested that she had been deceased for approximately one year.

Kanok, who was responsible for the annual maintenance of his sister’s vehicle, recounted his last visit in January 2022 when they argued over the car’s upkeep. Despite their falling out, he had tried to keep in touch through daily messages, which went unread.

A year of failed communication attempts prompted him to visit the house, leading to the harrowing find. In a twist, he discovered in November last year that his brother-in-law, Morakot, had been registered as deceased since 2010, unbeknownst to him, reported KhaoSod.

Neighbours provided varying accounts, with one recalling seeing Panthip as recently as November 2023, while another mentioned a sighting of her around 10pm, five months prior. The police confirmed that the family had not been able to contact her for a year, and although they did not suspect foul play, the remains were sent for forensic examination to determine the cause of death.

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