Crematorium accident: Lieutenant crashes car into temple sparking panic

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A shocking accident occurred at a crematorium in Ratchaburi when an 86 year old retired lieutenant drove his car straight into the facility, causing havoc among the villagers. The incident occurred yesterday, around 9pm at the Wimon Makaram temple in Pak Tho district.

The scene of the crematorium accident revealed a bronze Toyota car, with a Ratchaburi registration number, lodged against the crematorium’s staircase. Various items, including tables and wooden chairs, were scattered around, showing significant damage. The injured driver, later identified as Lieutenant Sa-nga Puangbuppha, 86 years old, had already been taken to Ratchaburi Hospital.

The temple was hosting a local funeral that day, which had concluded shortly before the crematorium accident. Though the residents had mostly left, some were still conversing in the crematorium. Lieutenant Sa-nga, a respected community figure and chairman of the local senior citizens club, had attended the funeral and was about to drive home when his car sped into the crematorium, causing chaos and his subsequent injury reported KhaoSod.

The loud noise of the engine caused panic among the villagers, who rushed to the scene before notifying the authorities. Some villagers speculated that if the car hadn’t crashed into the stairs, it might have ended up inside the crematorium furnace.

Initial assumptions by the officers suggest a possible gear malfunction or a sudden medical episode, prompting the vehicle’s unexpected acceleration into the crematorium. However, further investigation is needed to determine the actual cause of the crematorium accident.

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