Residents protest over false advertising and dilapidated clubhouse

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Residents of a housing estate are up in arms over false advertising that promised top-notch amenities, only to be shocked by the dilapidated state of the clubhouse. The celebrity Tuck Boriboon allegedly could not tolerate the situation and joined the protest.

Dr Monchai Jongkairattanakul, also known as Lawyer Kaew, shared the plight of the residents yesterday through the Facebook page Legal Intelligence Monchai Lawyer Social. The housing estate advertised complete facilities, but in reality, the clubhouse was unusable and in severe disrepair.

“The developers of this estate are incredibly heartless. They advertised the houses with amenities like a clubhouse, swimming pool, badminton court, and more. This was part of the selling point and obligated them to provide these facilities. However, after the houses were sold, they abandoned the amenities.

“Just look at the clubhouse! It looks like a war zone, extremely run-down. They have even blocked residents from using it. This is unacceptable. There are laws and numerous legal precedents to support the residents. They cannot endure this any longer. This calls for action from Lawyer Kaew.”

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Lawyer Kaew further mentioned that a team meeting was held to address the issue.

Accompanying the post were photos of residents gathering to discuss the situation. Among them was the well-known actor Tuck Boriboon Jannreung. Tuck also posted on his page Tuck Boriboon Family, expressing his gratitude.

“I sincerely thank the residents for standing up and uniting. Thank you, Lawyer Kaew, for helping us.”

False promises

The situation has caused significant distress among the residents, who feel deceived by the developers’ promises. The advertised amenities, a major selling point, turned out to be non-existent or in such poor condition that they were unusable. This has led to a sense of betrayal and frustration among the homeowners, who expected a certain standard of living when they purchased their properties.

The photos shared by Lawyer Kaew and Tuck Boriboon highlight the stark contrast between the advertised facilities and the current state of the clubhouse. The images show a building in severe disrepair, with broken windows, peeling paint, and overgrown weeds—a far cry from the luxurious amenities that were promised.

Residents are now mobilising to take legal action against the developers. They have enlisted the help of Lawyer Kaew, known for his expertise in social and legal issues. His involvement has brought hope to the residents, who are determined to fight for their rights and hold the developers accountable.

The developers have yet to respond to the allegations or address the residents’ concerns, reported KhaoSod.

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