Red Cross to get 946 million baht to purchase 1 million doses of the Moderna mRNA vaccine

PHOTO: The Thai Red Cross Society/Facebook

The cabinet has decided to allocate around 946.3 million baht from the Central Fund to the Thai Red Cross Society so they can buy 1 million doses of the Moderna mRNA vaccine, which will be used to vaccinate specific target groups, for free.

Zuellig Pharma Company, the representative for Moderna in Thailand has offered to sell the US produced vaccine to Thailand at 940 baht a dose, with an additional 26.76 baht per dose as a transport fee; which brings the total to 966.75 baht a dose. A down payment would also be required: 30% of the total order value. The down payment would need to be sent this month. The initial deliveries are anticipated sometime early next year.

The Red Cross Society has been giving support to people affected by Covid. For free. They have established mobile kitchens to hand out food throughout the provinces. They have assisted in setting up field hospitals and administered free vaccinations. They have also helped take care of people who are stuck in home isolation.

The society had previously obtained a million Moderna doses that they plan to administer to people, starting next month. They have also frequently been in the news requesting blood donations as their stores have reached a critical level.

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