Red Cross pleads for blood donations due to shortage

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The Red Cross Society is pleading with the public to donate blood as Thailand’s hospitals are currently experiencing a severe shortage of blood reserves for patients. The shortage has led to the postponement of multiple surgeries. Director of the National Blood Centre of the Thai Red Cross Society, Dr Dutjai Chaivanichsiri, spoke earlier today to say the Covid situation has resulted in a significant decrease in blood donations. The doctor adds that there has been a blood shortage for some time, but the situation has become even more critical recently.

The nation’s hospitals usually require 200,000 units of blood each day. Last month, about 150,000 units were donated. Dr Dutjaj says there are more than 340 hospitals in Thailand and each hospital needs 8,000 units of blood per day, but the National Blood Centre can only provide 2,300 units or less than 30% of what they require. This lack of blood donations poses a distinct threat to patients that need blood transfusions.

Dr Dutjaj says people who have blood diseases need 1 to 2 units of blood every 3 to 4 weeks, and that people who need emergency surgery, cancer patients, and other patients that need surgery rely on donated blood. The doctor concedes that the Covid situation has made people reluctant to travel to donate blood, which has led to the blood shortage. She reminds the public that donating blood is a lifesaving decision. She then urged all healthy people to donate blood.

Recently, it was reported that a Phuket expat desperately needed a blood donation so he could have open heart surgery.

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