Blood donations desperately needed for Phuket expat

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The Phuket Regional Blood Center calling blood donations for an elderly expat’s open-heart surgery. 87 year old Peter Ferry, who is originally from Glasgow, Scotland, told the Phuket News today that he is currently at Bangkok Hospital Phuket waiting for people to donate blood so he can have the surgery.

Peter’s blood type is B negative, which is so rare that less than 2% of the population has this blood type. He can only take blood donations from blood givers who have blood types B- or O-. Peter has been living in Thailand for 67 years. Anyone that is able to donate blood is urgently asked to contact the Phuket Regional Blood Center at Saphan Hin at 076-251178 ext 2 or 081-9588854.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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