Rare Pokémon Oreo fetches up to 200,000 baht

A recent online sensation has emerged as a Facebook page announced it is willing to pay up to 200,000 baht (US$5,637) for a special edition Oreo cookie featuring the rare Mew Pokémon design. This limited-edition cookie has caused a stir among collectors and raised questions about the authenticity of the buying offers, with some speculating it might be a price inflation tactic. Investigations reveal that this collectable item is also sought after internationally, with similar high purchase prices.

Oreo, the well-known cookie brand, partnered with The Pokémon Company to launch a special edition Pokémon-themed Oreo collection. Among the 16 different Pokémon designs featured on the cookies, the “Mew” design stands out as the most elusive.

Mew, the psychic pink and diminutive Pokémon, is infamously difficult to capture in the games, which carries over to its rarity in other collectable forms, including this latest edible iteration. According to Pokemon.com, the Mew design is a collector’s dream and a treasure for Pokémon enthusiasts, reported Sanook.

A consumer page added to the frenzy by highlighting the current trend of hunting for the Pokémon Oreo set. They confirmed that one design, in particular, Mew, as shown in the picture, is deemed extremely rare. They recalled instances abroad where such collectables were bought for hundreds of thousands. Within Thailand, the search is just as fervent among collectors.

Rare Pokémon Oreo fetches up to 200,000 baht | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of Pokemon.com

One collector humorously shared that even after purchasing two crates, they were yet to find the elusive Mew, a testament to its rarity. While some may perceive it as just a cookie, for collectors, it’s a valuable piece to complete their set of 16 designs. The page ended on a note that such collectables’ worth is subjective and should be seen as a form of entertainment, with their value varying from person to person.

The Facebook page in question, which posted the offer to buy the Mew-design Oreo, emphasised the rarity and collector’s demand for the item, urging those who own it to check before consuming. The post went viral, sparking discussions and scepticism about the legitimacy of the offer, suggesting it might just be a marketing strategy to create buzz. However, the international demand for the cookie suggests that the interest in this particular design is genuine and widespread.

Mew Oreo
Photo courtesy of Sanook

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