Welsh tourist dies of heart failure on first day of Phuket holiday

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A 60 year old Welsh holidaymaker tragically passed away from heart failure on the first day of his vacation in Phuket, Thailand, reported by Patong Police.

The lamentable event was confirmed to Police Lieutenant Colonel Pacharathorn Chan-iad of Patong Police by Patong Hospital at around 12.30pm yesterday, January 31. The man, accompanied by his family of three, had embarked on his journey to Thailand on January 17 and arrived in Phuket on January 30.

They were lodged at a hotel in Patong and had spent their first morning enjoying breakfast before the man and his spouse decided to unwind by the beach. After a brief playful stint in the water, the man returned to recline on a beach chair, reported The Phuket News.

However, to the shock and concern of his wife, he was unresponsive when she tried to awaken him. She immediately sought assistance. The man was promptly attended to with basic life support until an ambulance arrived to rush him to Patong Hospital.

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Despite the best efforts of the medical team who tried to resuscitate him for roughly 30 minutes, the man sadly did not wake up. There were no visible lesions or injuries on the man’s body, leading the doctors at Patong Hospital to attribute his untimely demise to heart failure.

The police are presently collaborating with the grieving family to facilitate the repatriation of the man’s remains.

In related news, officers from the Royal Thai Navy battled against strong waves to help a German man who suffered from heart failure on a cruise ship in Thailand‘s waters.

The MEIN SCHIFF 5 cruise ship departed from Chon Buri province and was headed for Singapore when 73 year old passenger Bernd Joachim Max Thiele, of German nationality, fell unwell about 69 nautical miles from Koh Kood island in Trat province.

In the middle of the night, the ship’s captain Adam Swiwtlik contacted the Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Centre (Thai-MECC) in Trat province to request urgent help for Thiele, who suffered heart failure and pneumonia in the middle of the sea.

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