This year predicted to be Prosperous for Thailand by astrologer Lak Rajsri

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Astrologer Lak Rachasi has predicted a prosperous year for Thailand this year, postulating that two zodiac signs will attain unexplained wealth while others may face the brunt of past karma. The forecast was made during an interview with Moddam Kachapa, a renowned host.

Speaking on Thailand’s economic prospects, Lak compared the country’s fortunes with those of global powerhouses such as China, Japan, and the United States. He stated that Thailand’s economic outlook is brighter for the upcoming year due to the passing of Mars and Uranus. On April 30, this year, these planets will move into the finance and treasury sector of the country, which is a favourable sign.

The Thai stock market is set to rebound this year, according to the astrologer. Foreign investors will likely pour money into the Thai market, as other countries are not performing as well. This influx of foreign capital is anticipated to begin after January 9.

In terms of zodiac signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Dragon (a sign in the Chinese zodiac) are expected to experience a positive shift in their fortunes. These signs are associated with the four elements: fire for Aries, water for Cancer, air for Libra, and earth for Dragon. These elements signify a fresh start and momentum.

However, Lak warned that these signs should not hold on to past successes. They should instead embrace change and new ideas, otherwise, they might face negative karma.

The astrologer marked Taurus and Scorpio as two signs that could mysteriously amass wealth after April 30. He did not provide a reason for this phenomenon but expressed hope for these signs.

Insight to other zodiac signs

On the other hand, Leo should be wary. Saturn is targeting this sign, and Leos are advised not to fall in love or get too attached to anyone, as it could lead to missed opportunities and potential problems. Karmic repercussions from past deeds might also cause trouble.

For the Aquarius sign, Mars will be in a fatal position until April 30. Aquarius individuals should be cautious about partnerships, benefits, contracts, love, and deceptive people through various media. They need to be mindful to avoid suffering.

Pisces, despite being tired, will prosper through hard work, according to Lak. Sagittarius will have a neutral year, advised to maintain their current level. The Dragon sign will have a prosperous point, with potential new cars and homes, but need to remain hopeful and ambitious.

Lastly, for the Pisces sign, if they have not committed any bad deeds, they will become wealthy this year. However, if they have not been responsible and committed bad deeds, they will have to pay the price.

In related news, As the year’s end approaches, astrologer Thosporn cautions zodiac signs to stay vigilant during the final month of this year. The warning comes as he unveils the horoscope for this month, highlighting the signs that will enjoy good fortune, those set to receive a significant monetary windfall, and those expected to experience luck in their relationships.

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