Probe into e-cigarette sales by officer’s wife sparks police ethics inquiry

Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) police are investigating allegations that a police officer provided his wife with confiscated e-cigarettes to sell online for profit. This inquiry was initiated after a Facebook page disclosed information regarding the alleged incident.

The Deputy Chief of the Technology Crime Suppression Division, Athasit Sudsanguan, revealed that the National Police Chief, Torsak Sukwimon, was aware of the situation and had ordered a factual investigation.

Currently, the Chief of the Technology Crime Suppression Division, Worawat Wattanakornbancha, directed Chusak Kasetnid, the Commander of the Crime Suppression and Analysis Division, to coordinate with the Esor crushes the news, which was the first to disclose the information. They aim to obtain the original post or the source of the images and information, which showed a police officer, presumed to be with his wife, selling seized e-cigarettes online.

Initially, the division did not know the identity or the affiliation of the officer in the picture. However, the woman featured in the news images has posted a statement denying any involvement in selling the seized items as claimed.

The police force is once again under scrutiny after a popular page exposed a police officer’s wife selling e-cigarettes, raising suspicions that the items were seized for resale.

This case delves into a sensitive area of police conduct and public trust. If the allegations are confirmed, it could be a severe breach of ethics and law, undermining the integrity of the police force and their role in upholding justice.

Conversely, should the investigation clear the involved parties, it would be a significant step in maintaining the integrity of the police services and proving the effectiveness of internal control mechanisms.

In either case, the outcome of this investigation will be of public interest, as it touches upon the accountability of law enforcement officers and their families. The CCIB’s role in examining these allegations showcases the importance of technology in modern investigations, emphasizing transparency and the need for law enforcement to be above reproach.

Amidst the unfolding events, the public awaits the conclusions of the investigation. The integrity of the law enforcement system hinges on the outcome, with potential repercussions for all involved.

It serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle within the police force to eliminate corruption and misconduct to maintain public confidence in the institution, reported KhaoSod.

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