Royal ripple: US court docs weave tangled ties, linking Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein scandal (video)

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Newly released US court documents have unveiled a web of connections between high-profile figures and the notorious sex offender Jeffrey Epstein – including Prince Andrew.

The scandalous details, including accusations against the 63 year old Duke of York, and former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, are sending shockwaves through elite circles.

Prince Andrew finds himself entangled in the latest twist of the Epstein saga, with newly unveiled US court documents shedding light on the intricate web of connections surrounding the disgraced financier. The much-anticipated records, released as part of the legal proceedings involving Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell, have thrust some of the world’s most influential figures into the spotlight.

Among the 900 pages of legal papers, Prince Andrew’s name prominently surfaces, linked to a previously reported claim of groping which the royal vehemently denies. The documents also implicate former US Presidents Clinton and Trump, although neither faces accusations of illegality.

While the trove of information does not offer fresh bombshells about Epstein, who died in jail in 2019, it provides a riveting glimpse into the well-connected social circle orbiting the disgraced financier. Over 100 individuals, a mix of wrongdoers, accusers, and potential witnesses, are named in the court records.

New York Judge Loretta Preska, overseeing the release, emphasised that many listed personalities had already been identified in the media or during Maxwell’s trial. Some names remain redacted to protect victims of sexual abuse, as ordered by Judge Preska.

The documents reference Johanna Sjoberg, who alleges Prince Andrew groped her in Epstein’s Manhattan apartment in 2001. Buckingham Palace has staunchly refuted her claims as categorically untrue. Sjoberg’s testimony also includes an eyebrow-raising incident where Prince Andrew reportedly posed for a photo with a puppet named Prince Andrew while his hand rested on her breast, reported BBC News.

The court records delve into former President Clinton’s connection to Epstein, with testimony suggesting he travelled on the financier’s private jet. Clinton’s representatives referred to a 2019 statement where he claimed to know nothing about Epstein’s crimes and emphasised his humanitarian trips to Africa.

Despite the sensational claims, the court documents reveal no alleged wrongdoing by Trump, who is mentioned in connection with Epstein’s New Jersey casinos.

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