PM Srettha unveils proactive diplomacy for Thai global influence

Photo: Government House

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin yesterday unveiled a fresh approach to foreign policy, dubbed proactive diplomacy, aimed at empowering Thai representatives abroad to stimulate trade, investment, and tourism, and enhance Thailand’s global influence.

The 61 year old prime minister detailed his proactive diplomacy policy at a yearly gathering, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attended by Thai ambassadors, consul-generals, commerce attaches, and investment promotion officers from Thai embassies worldwide.

Chai Wacharonke, the government spokesperson, summarised the Thai premier’s address, defining proactive diplomacy as concrete diplomatic actions designed to boost Thailand’s economy and safeguard public welfare.

Chai explained that the attending envoys are crucial members of the Team Thailand initiative, charged with assisting the government in fostering Thailand’s economic development.

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According to Chai, the Thai PM emphasised the need to commence the proactive diplomacy policy imminently, integrating public and business perspectives on foreign affairs. The public and business sector’s feedback should be considered for continual enhancements in the country’s diplomatic work.

The Thai prime minister urged the envoys to embrace a customer-focused approach, mirroring the government’s ambitions.

To make the government more customer-focused, the Bangkok-born PM proposed two frameworks. The first one focuses on promoting trade and investment via Thai economic attaches and government initiatives aimed at driving the economy.

Chai highlighted the government’s critical role in enhancing Thailand’s ease of doing business index and expediting free trade agreement negotiations.

Team Thailand will facilitate collaborative efforts between the private and public sectors to realise their shared economic growth objectives. This initiative will also serve as a communication channel for foreign investors interested in Thailand and Thai investors looking to invest overseas, reported Bangkok Post.

The second framework put forward by PM Srettha addresses the task of preserving the honour and dignity of the Thai royal family, Thailand, and its citizens on an international scale, as conveyed by Chai.

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