Pregnant woman brutally attacked by employer, police reluctance sparks outrage

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A pregnant woman was brutally assaulted by her employer resulting in severe head injuries and the death of her unborn child in Mae Hong Son, northern Thailand. The police reportedly downplayed the incident and pressured the victim to accept compensation instead of pressing charges.

The 31 year old woman named Hom, who worked in a tofu shop in Mae Hong Son, lodged an initial complaint after she was violently attacked by her employer in her room on Friday, May 19. The next day, she reported the incident to the Mae Hong Son Police Station, but they did not immediately take action. Finally, on Sunday, May 21, the police accepted her complaint for bodily harm and trespassing in a dwelling during nighttime. However, they tried to force her to sign a statement agreeing to accept 200,000 baht (US$6,300) in compensation, without pursuing civil or criminal charges.

Hom revealed that her employer, named A, attacked her around 1.30am on May 19, after getting drunk with some officers from Mae Hong Son Police Station at a local restaurant. The attack caused Hom to suffer a seizure, lose consciousness, and eventually be admitted to Sri Sangwan Mae Hong Son Hospital.

Medical examinations showed fractures to the back of her skull, which led to balance issues and wooziness. The unborn child had also stopped breathing and surgery was performed quickly to save Hom’s life, KhaoSod reported.

Srisuwan Sornsak, head of Mae Hong Son’s Children and Family Home, said he would report the case to the provincial governor for further action, calling it a grave violation against women, with state officials attempting to protect the perpetrator.

Srisuwan warned that such incidents can undermine public trust in officials and cause a severe impact on society, leaving citizens without an escape from injustice and intimidation by state authorities.

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