Pregnant Thai woman with autism accuses father of raping her

Photo via Facebook/ ZOOM Rayong ซูมระยอง

A pregnant Thai woman with autism accused her biological father of raping her. The accused father denied the allegation, and other family members were not convinced.

A Thai man named Lek urged a news Facebook page, ZOOM Rayong, to help his neighbour, his 22 year old neighbour with autism, saying she was raped by her 56 year old father.

Lek told the page that the woman usually visited him and his wife at their house in the eastern province of Rayong, and the couple noticed that she looked depressed and often vomited.

Lek persuaded the woman to reveal what was stressing her out, and she told him about the sexual assault. His wife bought a test for her, and the test showed she was pregnant.

The Facebook page reported the matter to the Rayong Shelter for Children and Families for further investigation. The woman underwent a medical examination at the hospital, which revealed that she was two months pregnant.

The officers from the Rayong Shelter for Children and Families questioned both Lek and the woman in more detail and later accompanied the woman to file a complaint against her father at Pluak Daeng Police Station yesterday, December 27.

Officers questioned the father about the sexual assault, and he denied all allegations. The father insisted on his innocence and dared the authorities to find evidence of the assault. He was busy working all day and did not have time to commit the crime.

The woman’s older brother, who is now a monk, claimed that when he lived with his sister, he saw her go out almost every day and did not know where she went. He had to call her and beg her to come home. Sometimes she would come home late at night.

The monk said he did not know who his sister was pregnant with and did not feel comfortable talking about this sensitive matter.

The woman’s mother did not believe in her daughter’s word. The mother said she was shocked to learn of her daughter’s pregnancy. She did not believe that her husband would do this to her daughter and did not suspect any neighbours living nearby.

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