Pregnant Thai woman accuses doctor of sexually assault

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A pregnant Thai woman accused a doctor at a clinic in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok of sexually assaulting her by inappropriately touching her private parts and asking intrusive questions about her sex life.

The 25 year old pregnant woman Bee, and her 28 year old husband, turned to non-profit organisation Saimai Survive for help in seeking an explanation and justice after the doctor, whose identity was not revealed, allegedly sexually assaulted Bee.

Bee recounted the incident on April 27 to Saimai Survive and the media yesterday, May 9. She visited a well-known clinic in Samut Prakarn for prenatal care while one month pregnant. She was alone as her husband was at work.

According to Bee, the doctor asked her to unbutton her trousers and touched her vagina without using a medical glove. While examining her private parts, the doctor asked about how often she had sex with her husband, how long they were together, and why she came to the clinic alone.

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She then received a tetanus vaccination and was about to go home but the doctor commented that she looked exhausted and asked her to get a bottle of saline before she left.

The doctor later returned to her ward and repeated the vaginal examination without gloves. The doctor allegedly inserted his finger into her vagina and pushed it in and out before asking her which hurt more, his finger or sex with her husband.

Unexpectedly, the doctor touched and squeezed her breasts while asking how often her husband used his mouth on her breasts.

Bee recounted that the doctor justified his actions as necessary for assessing natural fertility and breast milk production. He instructed Bee to return to the clinic on May 25 for a milk duct check-up.

Unsure whether the doctor’s conduct constituted sexual assault or standard practice, Bee sought advice from friends, including those who had been pregnant and nurses, who unanimously deemed the actions unusual and deeply inappropriate.

Subsequently, Bee confided in her husband and reached out to Saimai Survive. Their objective is twofold: pursuing legal recourse against the doctor and raising awareness about the potential for sexual misconduct during medical examinations.

As of now, the couple has not filed a police report, and the doctor’s identity remains undisclosed.

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