Police arrest mentally ill man after sexual assault attempt

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Police apprehended a mentally ill Thai man yesterday after he attempted to sexually assault a female nurse and doctor at a hospital in the central province of Chachoengsao.

A security guard contacted Mueang Chachoengsao Police Station to arrest the 40 year old Thai man named Somchai for attempted sexual assault. Upon arrival, they found Somchai being restrained by male doctors and security guards in the doctor’s office on the seventh floor of the hospital.

The female doctor, whose identity was not disclosed, told police that Somchai sneaked into the doctor’s office and attempted to sexually assault her. She screamed for help and, fortunately, male doctors and security guards responded in time.

The nurse also recounted her encounter with Somchai to the police. She explained that she saw Somchai earlier in the morning when he began following her closely as she walked to the hospital’s food store.

The nurse confronted Somchai, asking why he was following her. Somchai denied following her, claiming he was looking for the bathroom.

Despite his denial, Somchai continued to follow closely behind the nurse, prompting the nurse to scold him with vulgar language. Somchai backed off and then disappeared. The nurse said she did not expect him to attempt such a crime within the doctor’s office.

Repeated sexual assaults

Somchai’s mother, 61 year old Sukhon, later arrived at the scene. Sukhon explained that her son suffered from mental illness and that she brought him to the hospital for a scheduled appointment with a doctor at 5am.

Sukhon revealed that Somchai had disappeared while she was busy with paperwork. She could not find him until she heard about the sexual assault incident.

Sukhon apologised to the medical workers saying she was aware of her son’s behaviour and tried her best to take care of him. Sukhon disclosed that Somchai had previously assaulted female teachers at a nearby school and female vendors at the market where she worked.

Sukhon expressed feeling stressed and unable to find a solution to her issue. She hoped that government departments would assist her and her son but admitted to not knowing how to reach the authorities. Sukhon also acknowledged facing financial difficulties due to her son’s behaviour, which prevented her from working.

According to the Thai News Agency, Somchai persistently stared at a female doctor and expressed his desire for her to the police. Both the doctor and nurse filed complaints against him, although legal proceedings might not progress due to Somchai’s mental illness.

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