Prayut offers his sympathies, teases restrictions

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In a video interview yesterday, PM Prayut Chan-o-cha said he was “sorry” about the Covid losses. He says he sympathises with people suffering in this situation and the impacts its caused… Then he teased a possible extension of quasi-lockdown measures in the 13 provinces classified as “Dark Red” zones.

In the video interview, the PM said he is trying to tackle all the many challenges and that he will do his best as prime minister. However, he added that cooperation is needed in sharing the same facts so issues can be resolved. He also said he is not disheartened but is sorry for all the losses and that he’d like to boost the morale of the officials. Additionally, that this is something we need to do together because we are Thais.

He added that the quasi-lockdown measures in place since July 20th will most likely be extended until further notice, based on the advice of medical experts. Further, that easing restrictions will be impossible if people are not fully cooperative.

Prayut Prayut did admit that the climbing Covid infections/fatalities are “alarming” and does give the impression that the situation is getting worse. However, if you compare Thailand’s situation with other countries… The Land of Smiles is actually doing better than them. He pointed to the daily recovery rate as well as the fact that the Thai medical system is functional, but does have some staff shortages.

The PM then extended a second wave of sympathies, this time to the medics who have been working nonstop. Prayut says he has ordered officials to make sure the medics are adequately compensated. He also expressed his concern for infected people who are in home isolation. Prayut says he ordered officials to “fix this problem” and make sure the patients are not abandoned.

PM Prayut says some communities that have over-worked medical staff should try to also lean on their neighbours for help.

Finally, the PM said rather than just concentrating on the negative aspects of the pandemic, like rising infection rates/rising death toll, he is fully supportive of the inception of “Blue Zones” that have no new infections.


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