Health Minister says Bang Sue not crowded, blames “camera angles”

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Health minister, and TikTok star hopeful, Anutin Charnvirakul wants to reassure the public that images of crowds of people packing into Bangkok’s Bang Sue Grand Station might be deceptive. Anutin says that viewers might be deceived by “camera angles or whatever” that give the viewer the false impression that there are large crowds at the station.

Yesterday, Anutin said he could confirm the camera trickery because he goes to the station 4 days a week. He says the place is only crowded in the morning, but when he got there it wasn’t crowded. He then dropped his bombshell that, “camera angles or whatever can make a place look crowded”. The health minister did not reveal specifics on what “whatever” could refer to.

The health minister, and man who doesn’t mind pulling his mask down to make a point about foreigners not wearing masks, advises people who want to avoid large crowds, that they should show up for a vaccination in the afternoon. He did not state whether this could also lead to overcrowding in the afternoon.

However, despite Anutin’s evidence, several social media users have posted, what seems to a non-trained photographic eye like Anutin’s, large crowds gathering. A video also captures, from multiple angles, what also appears to be expansive crowds gathering at the station.

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Some of the pictures also appear to be taken in the afternoon.

Readers can check out a short video that drives by what may look like a large crowd here.

Anutin has previously defended his integrity by stating, “I know I’m being watched. If I had done something so foolish, it would have been (politically) suicidal”.

SOURCE: Coconuts Bangkok

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