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    CCSA meeting tomorrow to revise colour zones and restrictions

    Tomorrow the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration will hold a general meeting to consider possible colour zone adjustments and additional disease control measures for the country. The CCSA meeting will be chaired by PM Prayut Chan-o-cha and will discuss all areas of pandemic management. According to the Government House, the 3 primary topics of tomorrows meetings will be continuing and…

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    Thailand Top Stories | CCSA confirms the shortening of curfew hours from Oct 16 onwards | October 15

    Natty gives us a quick update on the national Covid-19 situation as well as the top headlines in Thailand and around the region: CCSA confirms the shortening of curfew hours from Oct 16 onwards, Moderna mRNA vaccines set to arrive in November, illicit pills seized in Sonkhla, Bali’s airport reopened for international tourists, Japan’s new PM dissolved the national parliament

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    Curfew shortened, dark red zones reduced in CCSA meeting

    Following this morning’s news of big discussions in today’s Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration meeting, several of the expected proposals were passed, including a curfew curtailment and reduction in the number of dark red zones in Thailand. For dark red zones, the curfew will be shortened from 10 pm to 4 am to instead last only 4 hours, from 11…

  • Thailand News Today (weekday evenings)

    Thailand News Today | C.O.E replacement, Easing of restrictions, Thai Airways full resumption | Oct 14

    Jett goes through all the latest headlines in Thailand that include the new Thailand pass system, further easing of the restriction and curfew in Thailand, health minister disagrees with the PM and the full resumption of Thai Airways starting October 31st.

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    “Dark red” zone curfew, other rules remain until the end of the month

    The nightly curfew for the 29 provinces classified as “dark red” zones for high Covid-19 infection rates will remain in place, at least until the end of the month. Those in Bangkok and other “dark red” provinces must stay home from 9pm to 4am, unless travel is essential. In a Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration meeting today chaired by PM Prayut…

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    Proof of vaccine might be needed to enter “high risk” stores in shopping centres

    Along with restaurants in “dark red” zones planned to start requiring documents for dine-in services, people may also need to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test to enter certain stores in shopping centres starting in October. Employees will also need to be fully vaccinated, according to the Department of Health. A full list of “high risk” businesses…

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    Thailand News Today | Restrictions ease, interprovincial travel resumes | September 1

    A head of a regional prosecutor’s office claims the now-ousted Nakhon Sawan district police superintendent intended to kill the drug suspect. Restrictions start easing in dark red zones from today, that includes Bangkok of course. Today’s easing of restrictions also heralds the re-start of interprovincial travel – both buses and flights. A coffee shop employee has sustained serious injuries after…

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    Thailand News Today | Bangkok restrictions extended, record high infections | August 5

    Thanks to everyone who has kindly donated to our I Am Strong Fundraiser, hosted by The Thaiger. We’ve now raised 33,000+ Singapore dollars, on our way to the magic 41,000 which is equal to 1 million Thai baht. Here are the links to donate… https://thethaiger.com/news/national/the-thaiger-launches-the-i-am-strong-campaign Numerous businesses and venues in Bangkok will be closed at least until the end of…

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    Controversial food delivery only rule faces criticism

    Most people understand the need for Covid-19 restrictions and safety protections, but many people are complaining about one questionable restriction that affects anyone who owns a food establishment or indeed eats. Restaurants and their patrons are both miffed about the revision to the dark red zone Covid-19 restrictions that changed from food establishments being open for takeaway only to being…

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    Thailand News Today | More Dark red zones, ‘coup rumour’ quashed | August 2

    You can donate to our “I Am Strong Campaign” here…. https://gogetfunding.com/the-thaigers-i-am-strong-campaign/ Starting off with an extended report on the new restrictions in Dark Red Zones, and exactly how the new zonings may affect you. Down south, and Phuket has been re-categorised, going from a “yellow” zone to an “orange” zone. Following a rumour that a military coup to remove PM…

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    16 new dark red provinces and restrictions extended to August 16

    16 more provinces will be added to Thailand’s dark red zones and all will see partial lockdown restrictions extended until August 16 according to a statement this late afternoon by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration. The announcement extended the lockdowns set to expire August 3 for an additional 2 weeks, and expanded the number of provinces classified as dark…

  • Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    CCSA considers extending restrictions in “dark red” zones for another 14 days

    With Covid-19 cases hitting record highs, despite the strict disease control measures in place, the Thai government is considering extending the current order in the 13 “dark red” provinces, including Bangkok, for another two weeks. Yesterday, Thailand had hit record highs of both daily Covid cases and fatalities with 17,669 new cases and 165 coronavirus-related deaths. The order imposing nightly…

  • Thailand

    Prayut offers his sympathies, teases restrictions

    In a video interview yesterday, PM Prayut Chan-o-cha said he was “sorry” about the Covid losses. He says he sympathises with people suffering in this situation and the impacts its caused… Then he teased a possible extension of quasi-lockdown measures in the 13 provinces classified as “Dark Red” zones. In the video interview, the PM said he is trying to…

  • Chon Buri

    More places closed in new Chon Buri restrictions tonight

    This evening the governor of Chon Buri added to the growing list of Covid-19 restrictions and closures as infections swell in the province and around Thailand. As the province reports hundreds of new infections every day, safety measures and restrictions seem to be implemented nearly daily to attempt to curb the spread. Tonight’s restrictions closed all Chon Buri tourist attractions…

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    Gatherings prohibited due to Covid-19 before planned protests

    For the safety of its citizens and to protect from the spread of Covid-19, the greater Bangkok area Covid-19 command centre has banned any activities or gatherings that involve more than 5 people. The ban on gatherings comes coincidentally just hours before planned mass anti-government protests in the capital, scheduled for today. The ban went into effect for Bangkok, Samut…

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    7 more provinces classified by the CCSA as “dark red” zones under maximum control

    7 more provinces are classified as “dark red” provinces under maximum control, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration announced today. Tight restrictions in dark red zones were imposed on Monday restricting interprovincial travel, limiting gatherings to no more than 5 people and ordering residents to stay at home from 9pm to 4am. Despite the new restrictions this week, the Covid-19…

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    Thailand News Today | More travel restrictions, cocktail vaccines, gold price surges | July 15

    Those who aren’t vaccinated against Covid-19, and are travelling from a “dark red” or “red” province, won’t be allowed to enter Phuket. Meanwhile, 3 more visitors to Phuket have turned in positive Covid tests in the past 24 hours. The Chon Buri Governor has announced that 2 more factories and a construction worker camp will be closed after Covid clusters…

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    Thursday Covid Update: Provincial totals; 2,224 new cases in Bangkok

    All of Thailand’s 77 provinces recorded new Covid-19 infections today. A total of 9,186 new Covid-19 cases and a record daily high of 98 coronavirus-related deaths were reported today by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration. Since the start of the pandemic last year, the CCSA recorded a total of 372,215 confirmed Covid-19 infections and 3,032 Covid-related fatalities. Out of…

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    Wednesday Covid Update: 9,317 new cases; provincial totals

    9,317 new Covid-19 cases and 87 coronavirus-related deaths were reported today by Thailand’s Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration. Out of the total of 363,029 Covid-19 cases reported by the CCSA since the start of the pandemic last year, the latest and most severe wave, first recorded on April 1, has accounted for 334,166 of the infections. The 87 new coronavirus-related fatalities…

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    Lockdown tomorrow: What to expect in Bangkok and beyond

    Though the government won’t use the word, tomorrow sees 10 dark red zone provinces going into, essentially, a lockdown. Here’s a rundown of what to expect during the 2 week period beginning tomorrow (Monday). The restrictions apply to all 10 provinces, but the information below is focused on the lockdown in Bangkok. INSIDE BANGKOK Things are about to quieten down.…

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    Thailand News Today | Bangkok curfew, dark red zone restrictions, golden triangle boom | July 9

    The CCSA is imposing further Covid-19 restrictions, including a night-time curfew, travel restrictions in Bangkok and other Dark Red Zones, for 14 days, expected to take effect as soon as tomorrow. In related news, 9,276 new Covid-19 community infections and 72 coronavirus-related deaths were reported today by the CCSA. Following this week’s explosion and subsequent fire in central Samut Prakan…