Prachin Buri villagers flock to submerged Takian tree for luck

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Prachin Buri province has become the focal point of local excitement and speculation as villagers claim to have witnessed a sacred Takian tree yearning to emerge from the water. This mysterious occurrence was first noticed by a fisherman and has since attracted scores of lottery enthusiasts seeking blessings and lucky numbers.

Today, April 23, reports emerged from Prachin Buri, where a Takian tree, often associated with spiritual beliefs and good fortune, was spotted submerged near the bridge crossing the Kwa Noi Num River.

This area, situated between the back of the Sajja Buddhist Foundation of Thailand and Wat Phraya Tam in Kabin Buri district, has a history of large logs drifting ashore during floods.

Previously, such logs were taken to Wat Phraya Tam and were believed to bring luck, causing quite a stir among the locals.

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Today, the sight of cars and motorcycles slowing down near the bridge to look into the water has become commonplace. Some passersby, mistaking the shape of the wood for a person sitting and fishing or foraging for shellfish, circle back for a closer look, only to discover it is the Takian log that has sparked widespread excitement.

Subsequently, the foundation’s committee used a crane to retrieve the log from the water.

Lottery numbers

Upon hearing the news, villagers from the nearby Talad Kao community flocked to the site, seeking lottery numbers and blessings.

They presented offerings dressed in traditional Thai garments, and some even noted the registration numbers of the crane and the vehicle transporting the Takian log, which were 07-1457 and 70-0621 respectively, both from Prachin Buri.

One local recounted that her daughter, while crossing the bridge to purchase goods at the Pan market, believed she saw a person sitting in the exact spot where the log was found.

Many in the area had dreams suggesting that the Takian tree spirit wished to rise from the water, with some advised to bet on the number 56, promising a single bowl of guay jub (a Thai noodle dish) if the number won.

The head of the rescue unit from the Sajja Foundation revealed that it was unclear what type of tree the log belonged to. It was obstructing the water flow under the bridge, raising concerns about vegetation clogging the area during the approaching rainy season, which prompted the removal of the log.

This event not only captivated the imagination of the local community but also highlighted the deep-rooted cultural beliefs surrounding nature and spirituality in Thailand.

The Takian tree, in particular, is often shrouded in folklore and considered to possess mystical properties, further fueling the public’s fascination and drawing them to the site in search of luck and divine favour, reported KhoaSod.

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