Minister warns against fake Labubu doll scam

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Reports of a sinister scam preying on Labubu doll enthusiasts have flooded in, warned Prime Minister’s Office Minister Puangpet Chunlaiad.

Puangpet delivered a stern warning to the public, her handbag adorned with a green Labubu doll and a pink one grasped firmly in her hand.

“Prices of these coveted dolls, often reaching thousands of baht, have soared since Thai K-pop sensation Lisa from Blackpink flaunted her own Labubu on social media.

“I implore consumers to exercise caution and thoroughly vet their suppliers. The packaging may seem authentic, but inside could lurk a counterfeit.”

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As complaints flood into the Office of the Consumer Protection Board, fears escalate over fraudulent doll deals.

Labubu, with its trademark pointed ears and toothy grin, skyrocketed to fame after a single Instagram post from Lisa. Standing at a petite 18 centimetres, these dolls, created by Kasing Lung and produced by How2Work and Pop Mart, have become the ultimate collector’s item, reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, Buriram celebrated BLACKPINK Lisa’s 27th birthday with a feast of meatball consumption and the unveiling of themed pants. Lisa, born in the Buriram district of Satuk, has been credited with popularising the local delicacy of standing meatball consumption, which has significantly increased sales for the vendors behind Buriram’s train station.

In other news, Thai authorities have swooped on five e-cigarette outlets in the vicinity of Bangkok’s universities and residential properties, confiscating 10,000 e-cigarette products valued at 3 million baht.

The operation was headed by Puangpet last Friday, April 19 in collaboration with the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) and officers of Lat Phrao Police Station.

Among the seized items were 10,000 e-cigarettes of varying types, including standard-shaped e-cigarettes and toy pods, which are nicotine vaping devices fashioned to resemble cartoon characters. The total value of these items was estimated at 3 million baht.

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