Ghosts or coincidence? DJ’s death adds to haunted room’s dark history

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A former popular DJ was found dead in his haunted room, leaving a haunting note about ghosts and previous deaths. Neighbours were unaware of the tragic incident until a foul smell led rescuers to investigate.

On June 4, the Sawang Phon Kuson Rayong Rescue Foundation, local authorities, and police officers from Muang Rayong Police Station responded to a rented room after neighbours detected a foul stench. There, they discovered the body of Yam, 77 years old, a former well-known DJ known for his charming voice. The neighbours were unaware of the situation and estimated that he had died for 3-5 days.

The rented room’s diary and walls revealed Yam’s suffering from multiple illnesses and paranormal disturbances. His illnesses and spirits tormented him, rendering him unable to take care of himself.

Neighbours described Yam as a polite, eloquent, and well-read individual who mostly kept to himself. The authorities found a message in his diary which read…

“There are ghosts in this room every night. The temple where I am staying is powerful. I don’t know if they want me to make some merits for them. They come to torment me, my karma. No one believes me when I tell them. They think I am ridiculous. I don’t know what to do. I am extremely tormented. They are everywhere, day and night, interfering with everything. I will die a nervous wreck. Signed Chaiya Yam.”

Ghosts or coincidence? DJ's death adds to haunted room's dark history | News by Thaiger
PHOTO via Sanook

Upon reading this message aloud, one officer revealed that the rented room had been the location of two previous deaths, with Yam being the third. The first person had hanged themselves, the second died of unknown causes, and the third was Yam, who had suffered from paranormal disturbances until his death, reports Sanook.

Yam’s writings on the wall also included a message urging people not to create bad karma for themselves and to care for each other. It added that people renting the room should live in peace and get along since they are neighbours, referring to each other as siblings and not causing bad deeds. This news shocked rescue officials and neighbours before they sent the body to Rayong Hospital for further investigation into the true cause of death.

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