Postgraduate student falls to death escaping drunken caretaker’s pounding

Picture courtesy of Survive - สายไหมต้องรอด Facebook

A tragic incident unfolded when a postgraduate student fell from the sixth floor of a mansion, allegedly in an attempt to escape after the property’s caretaker, under the influence of alcohol or possibly drugs, relentlessly pounded on her door. The event has sparked outrage and calls for justice.

According to a Facebook post on the page Survive – สายไหมต้องรอด, in the late hours of December 13, at a mansion on Soi Ladprao 3, Chokchai 4, the caretaker, intoxicated at the time, unexpectedly started pounding on the door of the victim, who was living alone on the sixth floor. The young woman was pursuing her postgraduate studies at Kasetsart University.

The loud banging startled the woman, known to fear loud noises since childhood. Fearing a break-in, she attempted to escape from the back of the room. However, she tragically fell from the sixth floor and died, reported KhaoSod.

The caretaker later apologised, claiming he had knocked on the wrong door. The victim’s father is now seeking justice, fearing his daughter’s death will otherwise be in vain. He has appealed for assistance from the Survive – สายไหมต้องรอด page to help his family.

“#The villain will break the door #Kasetsart students, Admin, please help me. My daughter was so scared of the loud noises and the attempt to break the door that she tried to escape from the back of her room, fell from the sixth floor, and died.”

After my daughter’s death, the caretaker came to apologise, saying he had knocked on the wrong door. I fear my daughter will not receive justice. I don’t want my daughter’s death to be in vain. Therefore, I ask the #Survive – สายไหมต้องรอด page to help my family. I’m sorry for your loss. On this, Aek has promised to fully help. The truth will be revealed, and the guilty will be punished.”

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