Political activist finds refuge in noodles shop after being shunned by family

Photo via ตั้งฮกกี่ บะหมี่กวางตุ้ง

A noodles shop in Bangkok has provided a safe refuge for a political activist ostracised by her family who disagrees with her views.

Talented artist Thorpad Autta-a-nan uploaded a drawing to her Instagram account that some zealous monarchists may consider offensive. The drawing certainly offended her family and as a result, the 27 year old artist was shunned by her family.

The owner of Tang Hok Kee noodles shop in Bangkok reached out to the young political activist and offered her some work. The owner, Art, is also a politically aware person.

But it was a heartwarming moment in the noodles shop that captured the hearts of the Thai public. After learning Thorpad had been shunned by her family, a customer in the noodles shop approached and give her a warm hug.

The noodle shop owner posted a picture of the warm embrace on the establishment’s official Facebook account yesterday and told followers about the heartwarming moment.

The page said the woman in the white-red dress was eating at the shop with her family. After finishing the meal the woman asked to see Thorpad and hugged her to encourage Thorpad to keep on fighting.

Thorpad broke into tears adding her family’s actions makes her want to cry every time she has to think about it.

Art informed his Facebook followers that Thorpad said…

“Other people are more kind than my family.”

Thorpad was charged under Section 112 Criminal Code: insulting and defaming the royal family and the Computer Act in June this year. The development of her case has not been announced yet.

Art made it known that he does not completely agree with every political opinion of Thorpad but he does not want anyone to be charged under the Section 112 law. He also added that he does not blame Thorpad’s family too.

Many Thai netizens commented on the picture of the two women embracing each other and praised the female customer for encouraging Thorpad. Others said they understood the situation and wanted to support Thorpad.

Some netizens suggested that any family in the same situation should be more open-minded and accept the differences.

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