Three separate incidents involving men with or on drugs reported in Phuket

Man arrested from Kathu housing estate, photo by The Phuket Express.

Three separate incidents involving men with or on drugs have been reported in Phuket in the past few days. The first incident occurred in the main city district over the weekend, the second incident happened in the Thalang district early yesterday morning, and the third incident occurred in Kathu yesterday morning.

Phuket City District

A man who reportedly tried to assault officers was arrested with crystal meth and pills over the weekend, according to Phuket’s Provincial Defense Director. This was after an anonymous person alerted police that the man had been selling drugs in the area.

The director, Akkara Suwatikun, told The Phuket Express that officers seized 1.2 grammes of crystal meth, 22 meth pills, and two knives from the man. He was arrested in the Rawai sub-district.

Akkara said the man, Pichai, had taken out a knife and tried to attack officers and flee, but failed to do so. Pichai faces “charges of illegal possession of Category 1 Drugs, carrying weapons in public without a reason, and resisting arrest,” Akkara said.



An intoxicated man was arrested after he accidentally fell off Sarasin Bridge into the sea early yesterday morning.

People fishing nearby told rescuers that the man had been walking on the bridge rail before he fell. The Good Samaritans threw a rubber ring to the man before they called the rescuers.

The man was eventually brought to safety. He allegedly admitted that he had used illegal drugs before he walked on the bridge rail. It was unclear if he would face any charges.



Police arrested a man high on meth yesterday morning after he was found wandering around a private housing estate in Kathu.

Police arrived on the scene to find the man, 32 year old Nadon Fonglaae, walking barefoot. Even though he refused to speak, Nadon kept approaching police despite warnings to keep his distance.

However, police were eventually able to arrest Nadon without an altercation. Even though officers didn’t find drugs or weapons with Nadon, he admitted that he had taken some crystal meth and meth pills. Nadon said that his friend had dropped him off at the estate, but he wasn’t sure why.

The officers took Nadon to Kathu Police Station for drug testing and further charges.

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