Police turns blind eye to knife-wielding man demanding beach fee

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An alarming incident unfolded recently at a Phuket beach, involving a man allegedly threatening two fishermen with a machete while demanding a beach fee. Despite having evidence, the local police dismissed the complaint, deeming it a mere story.

Today, July 3, a local fisherman who recorded the video, Wut, recounted the events. He and two friends initially went fishing at Kamala Beach. On their way back, they decided to fish at Pa Praw Beach.

They made their way onto the beach with no issues. However, upon returning, they saw a man collecting money from two Thai men and inquired about their activities. The man then shifted his attention to Wut, demanding a fee of 50 baht per person for beach access.

Growing suspicious, Wut questioned the man, stating he never encountered such a demand before. The man then claimed that someone from a nearby bar had instructed him to collect the fee. When Wut attempted to take a photo, the man pulled out a machete and threatened them. Fearing for their safety, Wut and his friends quickly fled the scene.

Following the incident, Wut reported it to the Patong Police Station, seeking legal action. However, the police informed him that since he was not directly harmed, they could not file a complaint, claiming the events were just a story.

Wut expressed concern that such actions could escalate, endangering other beachgoers, as the man was extorting money unlawfully. Eventually, the police only took action by documenting the man’s possession of a weapon in public.

Another fisherman, Affan corroborated Wut’s account of the events. He arrived at Kalim Beach around 4pm, where the same knife-wielding man demanded a 50 baht entrance fee. Affan refused to pay, opting to negotiate first. But after noticing that the man was armed, they both decided not to follow him when he asked to discuss the matter elsewhere.

Affan also reported the incident to Patong Police Station but faced a similar response and a lack of action, despite possessing video evidence, reported KhaoSod.

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