Police officer accused of assaulting man in Phatthalung

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A 23 year old man from Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province, filed a complaint against a police officer who allegedly assaulted him in his home. The incident occurred at 6.46pm yesterday while the man was cleaning his dog’s kennel.

Yanason (surname withheld) reported that while he was cleaning, Chakraphan (surname withheld), a police sergeant from Raman Police Station in Yala, approached him. Startled, Yanason ran into his house, but Chakraphan followed and allegedly struck him twice on the neck and kicked his leg once.

Yanason then fled to a neighbour’s house for help. The officer reportedly continued to yell and berate him until neighbours intervened and accompanied Yanason back home.

“I was completely taken aback by the incident. I had never interacted or argued with him before. He just came out of nowhere and attacked me. I was terrified, thinking if he had been armed, I might not have survived.”

Yanason decided to file a formal complaint, fearing that justice might not be served since the perpetrator is a police officer. His concerns are compounded by the fact that Chakraphan has recently been suspended from duty for three months after testing positive for drugs.

Following his suspension, Chakraphan returned to reside near the scene of the incident and has been showing signs of drug-induced paranoia, often causing disturbances at night and annoying the neighbours.

“The officer has been acting erratically and causing disturbances in the area. This latest incident has everyone on edge.”

Police have confirmed the suspension of Chakraphan from his duties due to his positive drug test. The police sergeant’s erratic behaviour and paranoia are believed to be linked to his drug use, which has raised concerns among the community about their safety.

The investigating officers are gathering evidence and testimonies to proceed with the case legally, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, police in Phattalung apprehended a man diagnosed with depression for selling dangerous prescription, or conventional medicine online, generating a daily income of 30,000 baht.

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