Thai teen allegedly tricks friend into sex with dealer for free drugs

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Police in the Isaan province of Udon Thani arrested a 15 year old Thai girl and her boyfriend for allegedly tricking a 13 year old friend into having sex with a drug dealer to get free drugs.

The 42 year old mother of the 13 year old victim, Bee, took her daughter to Huay Luang Police Station in Udon Thani on March 18 to file a complaint against three suspects, including a 15 year old girl named Nee, a 30 year old man named Gus and a 40 year old man named Ball.

Bee accused her friend Nee of tricking her into having sex with the drug dealer Ball so that she and her boyfriend Gus could get free methamphetamine, also known as Yaba.

According to Bee and her mother, Nee, Gus and Ball took her to a resort on March 13. Nee and Gus then left her alone with Ball, who raped her at the resort before threatening her not to tell anyone.

Ball blackmailed Bee for sex and then asked her to find other friends to have sex with him. Bee decided to tell her mother and siblings about the sexual assault, prompting her mother to take legal action against the three.

Police arrested Ball on March 20 and later arrested Gus and Nee on June 21. Gus denied tricking the victim into having sex with Ball, claiming that Bee was willing to engage in the sexual activity and also used Yaba.

Nee also claimed that Bee agreed to have sex with Ball. Nee stated that Bee was unruly and usually ran away from school and came to her house. On the day of the incident, they went to the resort together but she and Gus were hungry so they left to buy food.

Nee insisted that Bee should go with her because she was worried about her safety. However, Bee insisted on staying at the resort. Nee added that Bee did not tell her and Gus about the rape when they returned to the resort. Nee made known that she had not seen Bee since.

Nee’s mother, 47 year old Noi, supported her teenage daughter and accused Bee and her mother of slandering her child. She was disappointed that the family did this to her daughter.

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