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Police in Koh Samui arrest 9 people for gathering and drinking alcohol

Photo via Bo Phut Police

Police in Koh Samui arrested 9 people for allegedly gathering and drinking alcohol, a violation of the strict disease control rules put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The island has been working to contain the virus and administer vaccines quickly to prepare for the reopening to vaccinated foreign tourists on July 1 under a travel model similar to Phuket.

Bo Phut police raided the One Hundred Bar and arrested the owner, 46 year old Nathamon, on charges of breaking emergency orders by serving alcohol. 3 British men at the bar were arrested and taken to the Bo Phut police station. Police also raided the Sariya Beauty and Salon were they say a small group was gathering. 3 Thais and a British national were arrested.

SOURCE: Thai Visa

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Tanutam Thawan

Local Thai journalist speaking fluent Thai and English. Tanutam studied in Khon Kaen before attending Bangkok’s Chulalongkhorn University.


  1. The alcohol, isn’t at issue here. It’s the gathering of people together that is the issue. Koh Samui relies on tourism (particularly foreign tourism). Koh Samui is part of a greater push to reopen to foreign tourists as is Phuket. There must be a concerted effort to clamp down on any possible opportunity for the virus to spread, if these places are to have a chance at reopening. So look to the bigger picture here and not focus on the smaller picture.

  2. Before the older contributors such as Simon Small bite back suggesting there is a relevance in them being British. Perhaps I should ask a more direct question. What is the motivation is reporting they were British ?

  3. Bars and restaurants should be closed. People have to take their masks or too eat and drink and will talk etc which can spread covid.

    These alcoholics over the age of 65 are rather pathetic in Thailand anyways. It is harmful to their health.

  4. What’s all this pc nit picking nonsense about the press reporting the nationality?if they did not the first question would be what nationality were they!why not take it a bit further and complain about them being reported as male.what would you prefer,everybody being reported as citizens of the earth.

  5. Because lockdowns worked so well in other countries… not. Grow up, covid panic cry babies. It’s a new cold/flu bug. It has to run its course. And within a year you can go right back to NOT CARING ABOUT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO STARVE TO DEATH EVERY YEAR.

    So sick of the media and covid panic bros’ relentless fearmongering and shaming of others. The public should stand up and deplatform the covid panic mob, then shame THEM into oblivion.

  6. 9 people, but the managers of the Krystal Club and Emerald Club weren’t arrested, and they had hundreds – and are responsible for much of the current outbreak.

    Thailand…is becoming the kaka-hole of tourist destinations.

  7. @Toby Andrew’s. I think that plays to my point exactly. I know Thaiger cuts and pastes reports from other sources; most of which are not viewed by local Thai people, but this constant reference to nationality where it’s not needed just doesn’t help with the negative views many Thais have regarding long term stay foreigners. I can see how it’s just easier to fill the story with all manner of irrelevant details, but this user of calling out nationality doesn’t help. The English speaking media should fuel this issue, however small and minor the act may be. As I asked earlier, rather than what is the reason, perhaps a better question is what is the motivation. If it’s lazy or sensational reporting, or just a way to fill column inches, then buck up your ideas. Simon small accuses me of racism for pointing out that nationality and race should not be highlighted unless it’s pertinent to the story. How is that possibly racist when I’d say the same regardless of the person being singled out being any nationality. Equally, I’d complain to my own media in the U.K. for such behaviour. It needs to stop.

  8. @Nigel, I totally agree with your aim of calling out these unnecessary, nationalistic and xenophobic tones that seem to permeate many such articles. It will be hard to eradicate as much of the reports here are sourced from Thai media and hence they tend to see it as normal to differentiate between nationalities, especially when they are not Thai, even if unwarranted.

    The Thaiger should use better editorial control over such items and many commentators here should do their bit to support the call to stop this. Reading a number of other headlines today such as “Repairman hospitalised”, Man dies after receiving Sinovac, Woman driving to market slides in to canal”, are all perfectly valid irrespective of what nationality these unfortunate people are.

    Good luck in trying to keep highlighting this. I doubt you will get much support from many on these comments. Don’t forget, that unlike you, who I suspect being in their 40’s/early 50’s, many here are older generations and simply don’t see the damage this casual racism causes. They think because they live in Thailand and cosy up to a Thai each night that it makes them not racist. The more enlightened will of course see thats insufficient proof. I’m an American and know only too well the outrage and uproar such unnecessary highlighting of nationality would and does cause when it appears in local media.

    Goodluck !

  9. Most UK people i ever met in my life, and i travel around the world, have not a behaviour that is in a mind to respect other rules, religions, people and so on.
    They still believe in old tradition and think about they still the greatest.
    But they only are great in drinking and bad behaviour
    Sorry guys from Commonwealth

  10. Meanwhile, i see my neighbours all thai, have karaoke gatherings almost every night drinking etc with 10 or more people having fun to midnight or later. No police in sight, Koh Phangan.

  11. My partner showed me a live facebook post of a relatively well know Thai celebrity sat at a very well-known beach bar in Fisherman’s village Samui 2 days ago drinking wine with 4 friends and not one of the 800 comments mentioned “why are 4 people sat openly drinking wine” Who cares about a small gathering of people? 1-2% of daily deaths are Covid, 1% tested die, most people don’t even know they have it, the real threat here is poor diet, lack of exercise, being overweight, excessive smoking and drinking. So what do they do…….they shut the gyms, encourage you all to sit at home and eat foodpanda all day…. a complete inability to see the wood from the trees.

  12. @Reinhard. You should try frequenting some better locations and venues if that’s your experience. There are plenty of British people living in the U.K. and yet we have a perfectly safe, respectable and law a binding society; like all European countries. You also need to check that you are witnessing British or U.K. people and not someone from the many other English speaking countries around the world

  13. @Reinhard –

    I can take a guess by your name you are from Germany.

    In order to see British people drunk you must frequent bars yourself otherwise you would not be able to see them being drunk.

    Perhaps you should visit other places instead of bars and meet more cultured British people.

    I have worked in Germany a few times and have had “Ausländer Raus!” said to me which means “Foreigners Out”, while drinking in a bar there.

    But most Germans were friendly so I suppose it depends where we visit.

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