Phone fumble leads to deadly pickup crash in Lampang

A tragic road accident occurred today when a woman driving a pickup truck dropped her phone, causing her to veer across the lane and collide head-on with an oncoming sedan, instantly killing the male driver and injuring a 19 year old passenger.

In the district of Hang Chat, Lampang, police were alerted to a fatal collision at a U-turn near Rai Na Ngern market, roughly 2 kilometres from Thung Kwian market, on the road leading from Lampang to Chiang Mai.

At the scene, they discovered a silver Honda sedan with Chai Nat registration plates, where they found the young man with a head injury and multiple bruises and abrasions. Emergency responders from the Wiang Tal municipal rescue team provided immediate first aid and transferred him to Hang Chat Hospital.

Additionally, they found the deceased driver of the sedan, a man estimated to be between 40 and 45 years old, also from Chai Nat, trapped inside his vehicle. Assistance was requested from the Lampang Rescue Association to extricate the body using hydraulic rescue tools.

The other vehicle involved, an Isuzu pickup truck registered in Lampang, was driven by a woman who sustained minor injuries.

Preliminary reports suggest that the pickup driver was heading to the Hang Chat district and, while driving, bent down to pick up her dropped phone. This moment of distraction caused her to lose control of the vehicle, swerve suddenly, and crash into the oncoming sedan, resulting in the fatal incident.

Investigating officers are conducting a detailed examination of the crash site and have taken the pickup driver in for a thorough inquiry to proceed with legal action. The municipal rescue team of Wiang Tal provided the necessary emergency support at the scene.

The authorities are now piecing together the events that led to this devastating accident, intending to bring appropriate charges based on their findings.

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Nattapong Westwood

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