Phuket motorcycle taxi rider fined for overcharging and threatening passenger

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A motorcycle taxi rider in the Patong neighbourhood of Phuket has been fined 2,500 baht after trying to overcharge and threaten a passenger. The incident was reported by 32 year old Wilaiwan Khormobklang to officers at Patong Police Station yesterday, May 10.

The rider, identified as Prasertchai, operates on Rat Uthit 200 Years Road in Patong sub-district, Kathu district, Phuket. His motorcycle’s registration number is กน 6114.

According to Wilaiwan’s complaint, she called Prasertchai at 4am and informed him of her destination. He quoted her a fee of 70 baht, which was higher than the usual fee of 50 baht. When Wilaiwan refused to pay the higher fee and informed Prasertchai that she knew the correct price, he reduced the fee to 60 baht. However, Wilaiwan still felt that the fee was unfair and politely refused his service, deciding to walk instead.

Prasertchai became angry and began chasing after Wilaiwan while shouting vulgarities at her. Despite Wilaiwan apologising to him, the rider continued to threaten her. He said…

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“If I see you here next time, I will not let you go. I will beat you!”

Wilaiwan was afraid as she found herself alone and helpless, with only two or three foreigners in sight. She resolved to record a video to file a complaint with the police.

The Deputy Superintendent of the Patong Police Station, Phum Samworranon, informed KhaoSod that the officers had investigated the incident and located the culprit, Prasertchai, who lived very close to the police station.

The officers summoned Prasertchai for questioning, and he admitted that he had acted out of anger. He also revealed that he was a resident of Nakhon Si Thammarat province and had just recently moved to Phuket with his three children. The police discovered that Prasertchai did not have a licence to operate as a motorcycle taxi rider and had not paid the necessary taxes for his motorcycle. Moreover, as seen in Wilaiwan’s video, Prasertchai was not wearing a helmet.

Consequently, Prasertchai was fined 2,500 baht and was ordered to attend an eight-hour training session at the Phuket Provincial Land Transport Office to improve his knowledge of traffic rules and behaviour.

Not only locals, but foreign travellers in Thailand, also suffer from the disturbing behaviour of some motorcycle taxi riders. During last month’s Songkran festival, a Pattaya motorcycle taxi rider in Pattaya threatened to murder two foreigners over a dispute about transportation fees. The viral video showed the rider attempting to attack the foreigners with a knife. Thankfully, nearby witnesses intervened and managed to defuse the situation.

Many Thais have called on relevant authorities to impose stricter penalties on violent public transport providers to prevent such incidents from happening again.

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