Phuket Bolt driver defends actions after entering passenger’s room

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A Thai Bolt driver in Phuket turned himself into officers at Patong Police Station yesterday to defend himself. He insisted that the female passenger allowed him to enter her room and that he had no ill intentions towards her.

The 25 year old Thai woman, Nan, filed a complaint at Patong Police Station after the Bolt driver, later identified as 36 year old Chai, entered her condominium in the Patong neighbourhood and lay next to her on the bed.

Nan admitted that she was drunk after attending a farewell party in Phuket city centre and did not lock her room after entering, so the Bolt driver gained access. The driver eventually left her room without any physical or sexual assault.

Chai visited Patong Police Station yesterday, July 2, to answer officers’ questions. He insisted he was innocent and recounted his side of the story to the police.

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Chai explained that he picked up Nan from a restaurant on Phun Phon Road in Mueang district. Nan asked him to stop at her ex-boyfriend’s house to retrieve her belongings before heading to her condo. Chai disclosed that Nan slept throughout the ride until arriving at her place.

According to Chai, he woke Nan up, and she rushed to her room without her belongings. Chai decided to park his car and take Nan’s belongings to her room. Nan left the door open, so Chai walked in and asked where Nan wanted him to place her belongings.

Cat play

Nan asked him to leave them near her bed before falling asleep. Then, Nan’s cat came to play with him, so he played with it.

The Bolt driver was adamant that Nan asked him to bring her stuff into her room and he was in her room for only five minutes, not 30 minutes as Nan claimed.

After being asked whether he touched Nan at that time, Chai claimed that he heard Nan crying and only patted her head gently. Then, he returned to playing with the cat.

Chai said Nan then woke up and walked to the bathroom to vomit. He was about to leave the room while Nan was in the bathroom but decided not to, thinking Nan would blame him for theft if anything went missing. So, he continued playing with the cat as Nan secretly took his picture and shared it on social media.

Police released Chai after the questioning and have not yet issued any charges against him. Officers will talk with Nan again before proceeding with the case.


ORIGINAL STORY: Thai woman demands justice after finding Phuket Bolt driver in bed

A Thai woman filed a complaint with the police after a Bolt driver in Phuket entered her condominium room in the Patong sub-district and slept with her in her bed.

The 25 year old woman, Nan, shared her story with the Phuket Times to warn other women and urge the app-based driver not to repeat his actions. According to Nan, the incident took place at around 2am on July 1 when she was drunk.

Nan explained that she attended her friend’s farewell party in Phuket city centre and booked a ride through the Bolt app to return to her condominium in the Patong area. She admitted to being intoxicated and slept throughout the journey.

Nan disclosed that the driver who picked her up was a man aged around 30. She arrived at her condominium at about 2.55am and paid 306 baht for the trip. She then entered her room and fell asleep.

Nan said she woke up at about 3am and was shocked to see a man lying next to her in bed. She turned on her phone’s torch and rushed to hide in the bathroom. She called her roommate to tell her what had happened before cautiously checking on the man.

Nan was stunned to see that the man was the Bolt driver who took her home. The man realised that Nan was aware of his presence but remained in the room and played with Nan’s cat for over 30 minutes before leaving.

Bolt driver

Nan checked the condo’s CCTV footage and found that the Bolt driver had parked his car in the condo car park after Nan had entered. He then went to Nan’s room and let himself in.

Nan admitted that she had never locked the door because she always arrived at the room before her roommate and left it open for her.

“I don’t know what I want from him. I only know that I’m very frightened. The CCTV footage clearly shows his actions. I can confirm that I don’t know this man personally. I had never experienced anything like this before. It’s shocking. I don’t want him to do this to anyone else. It’s scary.”

The Phuket Times reported that Nan filed a complaint against the Bolt driver at Patong Police Station but officers have not yet reported the next step in their investigation.

Many Thai netizens wanted to hear the Bolt driver’s side of the story. Some stated that the driver would not have known Nan’s room number unless she had told him. Others suspected that Nan might have invited him into her room while drunk but could not remember doing so.

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