Oil tanker explosion sparks inferno at Pathum Thani shipyard

Photo courtesy of Thai PBS World

An explosion on an oil tanker at a privately owned shipyard in Pathum Thani sent shockwaves through the Sam Khok district, near Bot Temple.

The blast, which occurred around 3.30pm yesterday, July 2, left six individuals injured and ignited a towering blaze.

Eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing moment when the tranquil afternoon was shattered by a loud explosion, swiftly followed by billowing flames.

Pornthep Ploysang, a rescue worker on the scene shared that he heard the explosion and saw the fire spreading quickly.

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Residents living nearby described the chaos as the fire raged, consuming parts of the shipyard. Firefighters battled the inferno with valiant efforts, ultimately subduing the flames. The injured, all suffering from minor burns, were promptly rushed to local hospitals for treatment.

This incident comes on the heels of another tragic event earlier yesterday, when a crane collapsed at a construction site in On Nut Soi 86, Prawet district, resulting in the deaths of two workers and numerous injuries, reported Thai PBS World.

In related news, a TikTok user experienced a terrifying moment when his drone remote short-circuited and exploded in his face. The incident occurred yesterday when the user, a drone operator for agricultural purposes, was spraying pesticide over a rice field.

The clip showed the drone in operation, and then the remote suddenly emits smoke. The user quickly places the remote on the ground and begins recording the event as evidence. Suddenly, the remote explodes, narrowly missing the user’s face.

In other news, a devastating fireworks factory explosion in San Thung Mai village of Chiang Mai, left residents grappling with extensive damage and financial burdens nearly one year later. Compensation from the factory has yet to be received, forcing many to bear repair costs themselves, with some incurring expenses close to 200,000 baht.

The explosion occurred around noon on July 24 last year, affecting 38 homes in the area.

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