Pheu Thai Party’s Danuporn Punnakan leads Same-sex Marriage Committee in Thailand

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A significant stride towards equality has been achieved with the appointment of Danuporn Punnakan, a representative of the Pheu Thai Party, as the chair of the Same-sex Marriage Committee. The committee includes representatives from various sectors, with a particular focus on individuals from the public and the LGBTQ+ community. This collective endeavour aims to review and revise the legislation related to same-sex marriage.

According to Akkaranan Kankittinan, a Pheu Thai Party MP from Kanchanaburi and vice-chair of the committee, this law marks a significant milestone as it invites public participation in amending a law that promotes equality amongst every sector, especially the LGBTQ+ community. It signifies a rare moment of cooperation between the government, the opposition, and the public, Akkaranan said.

“There were no conflicts in this meeting. The key point is to expedite this law, yet it must be meticulous. We hope it will become effective within this year.”

The next meeting of the Same-sex Marriage Committee is scheduled for January 10. The meeting’s agenda includes the appointment of advisory committee members, who are expected to be popular figures, including celebrities and artists. Names on the list include Kachapa Tanjaroen (Mod Dam), Vuthithorn Milintachinda (Woody), and Sombatsara Thirasaroj (Aunt Tue).

Akkaranan added that the voices of MPs and the public may not be as loud as those of famous LGBTQ+ representatives.

“We believe the second meeting will reach conclusions, and everyone is ready to push this law forward.”

Late last year Thailand took an historic step towards same-sex marriage equality with overwhelming support for four bills in their initial reading. If approved, Thailand could become the first ASEAN nation to recognise same-sex unions, joining Asia’s equality leaders.

However, activists argue the laws need to catch up with evolving social attitudes, emphasizing persistent discrimination. Further debates and votes are expected next year. The government assures that proposed amendments aim at inclusivity without conflicting with religious beliefs, highlighting substantial public support.

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