Perverted Thai monk admits to sexually assaulting 9 year old boy

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An 85 year old pedophile Thai monk at Ban Kaeng Si Kot Temple in the Isaan province of Ubon Ratchathani confessed to sexually assaulting a nine year old boy. Bizarrely, the pedo monk said he did it out of kindness. Even more remarkable is that locals in the community forgave the degenerate monk and still retain their respect for him.

The boy’s grandmother, 49 year old Bee, took the issue to Thai news agencies after community leaders and locals persuaded her to accept compensation from the monk and drop the case.

Bee stated that while the money was tempting, justice for her grandson remained her priority. She refused the compensation and appealed to all news outlets for help in seeking justice.

According to Bee, her nine year old grandson, A, became a novice in early April. He stayed at the temple for five days before leaving his monkhood. On May 7, the monk, Wiboon, visited Bee’s house and asked A to return to the temple with him. Bee agreed.

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However, A returned home two days later, saying he did not want to stay with Wiboon. He told Bee that Wiboon had behaved inappropriately, causing him pain. Bee added that A’s genitals were swollen, and he complained of discomfort.

Bee initially sought assistance from the boy’s teacher. The teacher discussed the matter with A and confirmed to Bee that the sexual assault was true. Bee then filed a complaint with Chong Mek Police Station and took the boy to a hospital for a medical examination.

Monk’s confession

According to Bee, she also reported the matter to the community leader as a warning to others. The community leader accompanied Bee to question the monk, who admitted to the sexual assault.

Wiboon revealed that he liked young children and liked to hug and kiss them. If the children did not resist, he would use his mouth on them. He claimed that A was afraid to sleep alone at night, so he slept with A.

Wiboon claimed he hugged and kissed A, insisting that the boy was fine with his behaviour. He went further to suggest that A enjoyed being sexually assaulted. Unable to recall the frequency of such acts, Wiboon perceived his behaviour as a customary expression of love and kindness.

The deviant monk insisted that he did not hurt the boy and that he could not bite the boy’s private parts because he had no teeth left. He added that he used to perform oral sex on his adopted son, who now studies in Bangkok.

The pedophile later admitted that what he did was wrong but despite sexually abusing minors the deluded monk believes the act was not serious enough to force him to leave his monkhood. He hoped the boy’s grandmother would drop the charges, saying he had done many good deeds for the community.

The community leader insisted in the interview with Channel 3 that he and other locals in the area still respected Wiboon, whether the sexual assault was true or not. He said Wiboon had always helped people in the area, especially with financial matters.

Channel 3 reported that the sexual assault has not yet been confirmed, and the police are waiting for the results of a boy’s medical examination to confirm the crime before launching an investigation.

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